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mntnclmbr 01-21-2010 06:28 PM

Rear End Noise -
Hey all! Bought my 07 Sahara w/19900.o miles last Feb. and when the days started to get nicer I started to notice this noise comin from the anyway (still under warranty) took it in, the doofus at Chrysler told me they looked it over and would order new right bearings for it and said it was a service order from Chrysler, so I went along with it...a few weeks later it was done went in picked it up and left thinking all was fine; well it was just the same. I struggled with this on three different occasions (same place, same guy, and always he said he heard the noise and would correct it). We are currently at 45000k, still hasn't been fixed and now he says it out of warranty!!!!

At one point I jacked this thing up took both rear tires off, put her in gear and demonstrated for them in my shop. Nothing further has come of this point, I notice this whine happening that sounds like a 5sp stick whine and this wranglers an auto....ANY TAKERS ON THIS SUBJECT? I'm baffled, is it the rear end gears? yes I do tow a boat and small trailer at times but that's about it. THE SOUND, you ask? it sounded like the brakes were grabbin, thats all I can tell you. Let me know your thoughts - Thanks

kik 01-21-2010 08:06 PM

The first thing that should have been done was to change the dif. fluid. If that didn't solve the problem then you're looking at maybe a bad u-joint or, a bad clutch pack, or as you said, possibly the gears. I would bring your complaint to the next level because it still should be covered, given that it was in a number of times and they failed to properly diagnose the problem. Has a problem with the trans. been ruled out?

jk'n 01-22-2010 07:47 AM

Hi mtnclmbr,

Haven't seen you on the forum for a while. Welcome back.

I had a problem on my wife's PT cruiser with a motor mount just out of warranty. The dealer of course would not take a hit on it as they have no recourse against the manufacturer if they just "take care of it". I called Chrysler and they offered to do the repair with a "co-pay" of which I was happy with. The dealer did the repair and I paid the co-pay, Chrysler picked up the balance for the repair. I would say, give Chrysler a call and see what they say. I think they still want to make customers happy there. Just a thought.

mntnclmbr 01-25-2010 12:11 AM

Hey sorry I haven't been back to respond, 2010 has really kicked off to be a busy year! But anyway - The fluid was changed at 30K and trans serviced the same time...They won't do a thing for me on it without charging for at this point. I may just trade it I frustrated at this point - this is one reason Chrysler has had so many problems I think.

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