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USAFChief 01-25-2010 09:01 AM

Another Clutch Master cylinder bleeding tip.
The other day my shifter was hard to shift into gear and eventually lost the ability to get the transmission into gear. When I checked my clutch master cylinder it was empty. No fluid leaks at the clutch master cylinder firewall or inside where the clutch master cylinder connects to the clutch pedal. Check the transmission housing no leaks. So, I thought I would bleed the system. However, my bleeder screw was rusted up and would break if I put a wrench to it. How what to do canít bleed the clutch system. A friend told me about an old mechanic trick to try; he said he could not guarantee it would work. He said fill the clutch master cylinder up and leave the cap off overnight.. The idea is that the air in the system will eventfully come to the top. Well I did what he said left the top off overnight. What the heck if it worked it would save me some money. Well this morning installed the cap on the clutch master cylinder and pumped the heck on the clutch and tried the see if would go through the gears and it did and the more I did it the better the shift. So, it worked!!! Thought I would share. :punk:

P.S. My clutch pedal never went to the floor and stayed, I guess if it was the slave cylinder it would have no pedal.

95riogrande 01-25-2010 10:19 AM

Brake fluid is hygroscopic.

liquified 04-12-2015 01:37 PM

Has anyone else ever found this to work. I was going to bleed my clutch today but the bleeder is rusted. Already sprayed some penetrating oils on it and going to leave it to see if it frees it up tomorrow.

But just found this and wanted to get some input on what others thought

jk'n 04-12-2015 03:32 PM

Use a six sided socket or wrench on it. Work it back and forth after you break it free. I try not to use 12 point on anything these days unless my opinions are limited. On a rusted bleeder valve it'll likely round with a 12 point.

liquified 04-12-2015 04:32 PM

i tried a 6 side socket on the end of a ratchet screw driver but couldn't get it to budge today. It was tough to get the socket in there and move it with the other hosing that comes out. I'll work on it a little more tomorrow.

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