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barratt 01-25-2010 03:58 PM

Two questions: seat squeak and scleaning soft top?!?
1) The driver side seat back squeaks when I push my back into the seat when I hit a bump or a small child (jk). Is there an easy way to lube the springs in the seat or something?

2) My TJ is a 2005 and the previous owner obviously parked outside 24/7 under a nasty a$$ tree. It looks as if there is mold or mildew all over the softop. I tried pressure washing it and that didn't do anything but throw me backwards of the ladder! Any other suggestions?

BestopTeam@Bestop 01-25-2010 04:19 PM

Curious. What kind of noise do you get when hit a large child? No never mind, I can't help with the seat problem.

But the soft top:

Mold and mildew are big problems for any fabric. You can fight it but it may always be there. But that said, the fabric in your top is pretty tough, so you can scrub it. I'd recommend elbow grease: a soft brush and mild soap (think dish soap, not detergent). 409 cleaner will help with mold. You may want to take the top off and scrub it with the fabric flat (they are hard to put back on when it's cold, though!).

With a 2005, that's probably a factory OEM top, and you can replace just the fabric and windows. Probably not what you want to hear right now, but always an option.

barratt 01-25-2010 04:47 PM

Thanks Geoff! Yes it is the original top. It needs to be replaced soon due to broken zippers and foggy windows but for the time being it will have to due. I will certainly try taking it off and scrubbing the hell out of it.

Schmo 01-25-2010 05:37 PM

I'm right there with you on the seat squeek . . . mine drives me nuts. Mine seems to squeek right on the front by the door . . . that little wheel. WD40 works for about a day or two . . . over the weekend, I put some of the same grease that I use on the steering and driveshafts and it seems to be lasting a bit longer.

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