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Storm27m 01-25-2010 10:22 PM

Fixed my 98's stuck HVAC temperature slider
The HVAC slider in the 98 TJ that I bought a few weeks ago was stuck and wouldn't slide freely. Thankfully (being winter), it was stuck towards the hot end of the scale. In addition to that, the blower motor only operated in the high position. High was nice, but it got hot fast and then I had to alternate between off and high to keep the temperature comfortable.

The blower motor fix was easy to find with a search and I have the motor resistor on order at the parts store. Hopefully that fixes that issue.

For the stuck slider, I couldn't find much info with a search so I decided to pull out the control panel and see what I could do. After mucking with the function a bit, I found the problem. The cable was bent right at the point where it joined up with the connector loop and the bend wouldn't allow the cable to push into the cable sheathing. I didn't think to take a before picture so I jimmy rigged a photo in MS Paint to get the point across. Please excuse my crappy graphic and the fact that it kind of looks like a red sperm :flipoff: The red represents the original position of the connector and the routing of the bent cable. It was wedged in there tightly and didn't want to move much. It was kind of sprung into that position and would "spring" back when I tried to straighten it out.

So I wedged a flat tip screwdriver in there and tried to straighten the cable by twisting and wedging the screwdriver between the housing and bent cable (and REALLY thinking I was about to break something because it took some Grrrrr). I got it away from the housing and was able to get it pretty straight after working it a while. I shot a little lubricating oil up the cable sheathing and was finally able to work the slider from one end to the other. Here's the picture of the straight cable without the sperm :D

I read a few posts from guys with the same issue, so I figured that I would post what worked to fix my issue. Now hopefully that resistor fixes the switch problem so I'll be able to stay toasty but not TOO toasty :firedevil:

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