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Nielsen17 01-28-2010 06:17 AM

Code 33 and Blowing my heater fuse...?
So its about 30 degrees in Maine and im cold. Everythings been fine for a while but just recently i replaced my starter... once that was done and i got the car running it wouldnt let me turn on the fan for heat. great, well i checked the code and it gave me 12-33-55. So its the a/c relay... but i dont have a/c or the relay. I did check the fuses in the cab and it does in fact keep blowing the 25 amp fuse for the heater / fan. I'm out of ideas and i would really like to have my heat back. Would just buying a relay for a/c stop the fuse from blowing or do i have some short to ground problem


mhicks 01-28-2010 02:44 PM

Unplug the fan motor and see if it still blows fuse. If it doesn't then motor is probably ok. If it does then it sounds like a shorted wire.

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