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balzer 01-29-2010 04:37 PM

bump stop extention question ????
I noticed my lift has what looks like 1" bump stop extensions. With a spring lift, as opposed to a spacer lift, and being its small 2-2.5" I don't really understand why they are there. With only 31" tires are they really necessary? I guess it would be wise to first get either sway bar disco's or curries anti-rock (preferred) and test the flex and watch the tire clearance before I take the bump stops out.

It just seams counter productive to limit the up travel from what the factory allowed. If it didn't hit anything stock I don't see why it would with a 2-2.5" lift.
I understand you don't want more up travel than the factory allowed because then you would be bashing stuff you don't want bashed.


4Jeepn 01-29-2010 06:13 PM

Simple answer.. if we figure you have a bigger tire with the lift and since the opposite tire can drop more with the lift, the other tire can now come up more as well too and seeing that its larger will contact the fender sooner, where the stock tire would not. Thus keep the bump stop in there.

balzer 01-30-2010 06:37 AM

Thank you that's a very good answer! I hadn't thought about more drop on the opposite side causing the tire to go up further, the bump stop being the pivot point. Another thing I thought about was the tire size, I still think of a 31 as small, being a fullsize chevy guy. According to the window sticker my jeep came with 205x75x15 tires stock a 31 is more than 2" taller than the 205's so the suspension height change is smaller than the tire height change.

Off the top of my head a 31 should be around 4" taller than a 205... correct me if I'm wrong please. Granted a 4" taller tire only give your axle 2" more clearance but there is also 2" more on the top to rub the fenders right?

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