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rrettanderson05 02-02-2010 09:35 AM

Bogging down problem
I have a 1999 Jeep wrangler 5 speed with the 4 cyl. I have recently started having a problem with it giving me a jerking feeling while driving on the highway at around 70 to 75. Today i went to bak out of my parking space and it felt like it was trying to bog down on me and it is now making the jerking feeling every time i try to accelerate. If you have any insight as to what this problem might be please let me know. thanks!

randomhero3609 02-02-2010 10:15 AM

check ur spark plugs, wires and fuel pump. the fuel should have a bleeder right at the fuel rail. it looks pretty much the same as a tire valve.

rrettanderson05 02-02-2010 10:51 AM


Jerry Bransford 02-02-2010 11:00 AM

How's the catalytic converter? Could you have crushed it while offroading? But even if it's not crushed, a cat can clog up & cause the engine to run like crap due to increased backpressure from a clogged/crushed cat.

MCE Mike 02-02-2010 11:37 AM

My Jeep did nearly the same thing a few years ago, it ended up being a clogged fuel filter. It was fine around town, and fine for a while on the freeway. Then, after a while on the freeway, the Jeep would start "bucking" (that is the best way I can describe it) and the engine would bog really bad. The more throttle I gave it, the worse it would get. (On a side note, this was a little embarrasing while foot-to-the-floor passing someone in the left lane (2.5L) and then I would have to fall back and pull onto the shoulder, lol)
Anyway, after scratching my head for a while and replacing some tune-up parts, I ended up dropping the gas tank and found that the fuel filter was clogged.

Others have good advice above as well.

Jerry Bransford 02-02-2010 12:42 PM

Was that clogged fuel filter on your '97 TJ Mike?

MCE Mike 02-02-2010 01:36 PM


Originally Posted by Jerry Bransford (Post 536689)
Was that clogged fuel filter on your '97 TJ Mike?

Yes sir.

Jerry Bransford 02-02-2010 01:42 PM

I'll be darned, I thought the TJ filter was big enough that it wouldn't normally get clogged up like yours did. You gotta stop dumping that Washington dirt & sand into your gas tank Mike. ;) :D

rrettanderson05 02-02-2010 02:15 PM

fuel filter
i just tried to find a fuel filter at advanced autoparts. They guy said it is not serviceable. Is it one unit with the fuel pump?

rrettanderson05 02-02-2010 02:45 PM

any other sugestions. I talk to the guy at advanced autoparts and he said the fuel filter is not serviceable. Is it on the fuel pump? and if it is can you clean it out rather than buying a whole new fuel pump?

Jerry Bransford 02-02-2010 03:05 PM

The fuel filter is contained inside the fuel pressure regulator which must be replaced as a unit. You can buy the fuel pressure regulator separately, eBay is one source... maybe too.

The TJ's main fuel filter cannot be cleaned as older types of fuel filters could be. Usually, the TJ's main fuel filter is considered a "lifetime" component which normally never needs replacement type of filter due to its enormous surface area. :)

rrich 02-02-2010 05:14 PM

Usually, but unfortunately not always, a clogged fuel filter causes backfire as well as stumbling - or bogging.
Reason is it causes fuel starvation, causing backfires - usually in the intake.

Before going to all the trouble of replacing the filter, have a good look at the ignition. A carbon trace in the cap, plug wires run too close together, bad coil wire or bad coil is often the cause.

Since it seems to be getting worse - and no backfiring indicates a weak ignition.
Pull a plug wire at a plug - poke a Phillips head screwdriver in the end you took off, (the end is round like a plug's head,) then hold the screwdriver shank close to ground and look at the color of the spark while someone cranks it.
Careful not to touch the metal part of the screwdriver - it'll get your attention real quick!

If the ignition is strong it'll have a thin crispy "snappy" blue spark.
If it's red or yellow, suspect the coil wire or a coil. Later model Jeeps use the new version of coils that are not oil filled. They tend to fail easily. But they are not expensive and certainly easier to replace than a filter.

Let us know what you find.

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