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220shooter 02-11-2010 08:40 PM

lift kit questions
hi all , new to jeeps,however have been wheeling yotas, K5 blazers ,and trucks for years . just bought a 4.0 w/ 5 spd and 32's no lift it's a nice rig but it's a low rider:rolleyes: it' goin to be vehicle # 4 in the family , just a toy so I have been looking at lift kits and I have some questions,
some lower control arms are straight and some kits have arms that have a break, what is best and why? next how important is having adj. rear lower arms? next some kits list as an option a front adj track bar, when is it needed? how about a pittman arm ,when is it needed ? are some kits that much better than the cheap kits, and which are which ?I know ther are different opinions on things and that's why I joined this forum any and all input would be appreciated . I love to wheel offroad and am looking to lift 4" and run the 32's then go to 33's I'll also fab a front bumper for a tried and true m8274 that Ive had on several trucks over the last 20 yrs also woll build read bumper w/ tire carrier ......... thanks

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