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WranglerX2009 02-17-2010 12:19 AM

10 Totally Noobish questions. But, I'm a Noob.
Bought my 09 used, so I have no sale sticker.

1> How do I find out what gears I have?

2> I have the factory wheels and tires, but they are 17's not the 16's I see on the other two 09s I see at work. My plan is to get custom rims, and a more aggressive tire (by Hankook), but keep the same size I have now. Considering that I am maintaining the same size, I shouldn't have to change any gearing correct?

3> What the hell are lockers? What are they used for?

4> I was thinking of taking my plastic bumper covers and plastic fender flares to be sprayed with spray-in bedliner, anyone ever done this? Any idea how it will hold up?

5> What's the easiest, and safest way to remove the Trail Rated badge, and the X decals?

6> When shifting into 4 wheel high, I stop, put my automatic in nuetral, then shift into 4 wheel, I used low the other day to pull my dad's f-150 out of a ditch, and it seemed like I had to be rolling to get from 4 wheel high to 4 wheel low, is this the proper way to shift the 4 wheel drive?

7> Is there a hook or something I can put on my CB antennae so that I can attatch the top of it down for going into garages and stuff?

8> What's the best way to stop hood flutter? I saw some aftermarket rubber that looked like the stock rubber tie-downs, but they claim it is somehow stronger, and will hold the hood down tighter to prevent the flutter, is this really a solution?

9> At factory height, is a highlift jack necessary?

10> I have gotten mixed stories about Throttle Body spacers, are they useless or what?

Fweaky 02-17-2010 12:47 AM

1. There should be a code on the differental cover that you can use to tell what gears you have.
2. No changes.
3. Simply put, lockers make both tires on an axle pull. If you go offroad you may need them. see no.6
4. Never tried it. Couldn't tell ya.
5. You should be able to work it off with your fingers, it help if its warm out or if you have a hairdryer.
6. Jeep - 4x4 Basics - Engineering FAQs - 4WD SUVs
7. Yes
8. Not sure...Slow down
9. No

Blackbeard1718 02-17-2010 12:55 AM

I can answer a few for you!

1. Contact your Jeep Dealer and/or, and ask for a "Build Sheet". This will have everything that your Jeep originally came with. BTW, since you also mentioned that your Jeep came with 17's (my '09 did too...), I'm assuming you have the upgraded 3.73 Gears over the 3.21 Gears (mine was listed like that on my Window Sticker...).

2. Correct! As long as you stay with 32's or 33's, you should be fine. Other Jeeper's that move up to 35's or '37's, usually upgrade their Gears. The larger the Tire, the larger the Gears you have to add, in order to move all of that Rubber down the road.

5A. Trail Rated Badge Removal- Use Dental Floss, get it behind the Badge, and "SAW" it downward, and it should easily come off. Once you get it off, use "GOO-GONE" to get rid of the remaining Adhesive Residue.

5B. Decal Removal - Use a Hairdryer to heat up the Decal, and it should peel right off. As above, use "GOO-GONE" to remove the remaining Adhesive Residue. FYI, I didn't even have to use a haridryer on mine, as it just peeled off easily. Give it a try!

6. The Owners Manual recommends this when Shifting into 4-Hi and 4-Lo:

4-Hi - Pull the Shift Lever back to 4-Hi, while driving at speeds under 50-55mph. Shifting the Tranny to Neutral is not necessary in 4-Hi. Keep your 4-Hi speed under 50-55mph. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON DRY PAVEMENT!!!

4-Lo - Do a Slow Roll 2-3mph, Place the Tranny in Neutral, then Pull the Shift Lever back to 4-Lo (DON'T FORCE IT!!!)

8. One way to avoid Hood Flutter, is to keep your Plastic Air Dam on under your Radiator. Some Jeeper's remove them, and experience Hood Flutter, that they didn't have before removing the Air Dam. The Rubber Upgrades you're referring to are the Daystar Hood Latches. These are supposedly stonger than the Stock Rubber Latches. Also, some Jeeper's tie a Zip-Tie around the Rubber Piece on their Stock Latches, to keep the tension from loosening. When I bought my Jeep, there was a TSB that had the Dealer replace the Latches with the newer stronger upgrades. Mine was done before I left the lot. Haven't had any problems yet. Was yours ever done as well?

Hope these helped! Best of Luck with the rest!



daggo66 02-17-2010 05:25 AM

It seems like the 2that posted have this under control so I'm just going to add welcome and don't forget to wave to other Wranglers and CJ's! :wavey:

Hilldweller 02-17-2010 06:53 AM

Welcome to Jeeping.

Poke around the forum and read old posts that relate to your questions; some of them have a variety of correct answers that are situational and/or opinion-oriented...

For instance, a hi-lift jack.
Needed with a stocker? Maybe yes, maybe no.
Not for changing a tire on the side of the road. But a hi-lift is so much more than that.
It can lift you out of a hole or be used with proper materials as a winch.

Will stock gears be sufficient? Maybe yes, maybe no.
I found the stock 3.73 gears in my autoboxed unit to be substandard, even with stock tires; I live in a hilly area and they couldn't keep up.

And please pass on the throttle body spacer, blue headlights, gauze air filter, and headlight guards.

donnie 02-17-2010 09:18 AM

You could also try this site.
They will email you exactly what the Jeep came with from the factory.

yj-genral 02-17-2010 10:03 AM

sounds like you got your answers, and might i add: if your taking your trail rated badges off i would love to have a set, if you wanted to send them my way let me know. :D

RubiJK12 02-17-2010 11:11 AM

Good questions and GREAT answers.
I get more answers here than anywhere and always a lot quicker from the guys and gals that know!!! Thanks again for both!

JIMBOX 02-17-2010 11:48 AM

:cool: I like Freaky's answers-here's mine

1)-VIN-dealer or count axle/tire revs
2)-gearing has nothing to do with wheel size-it's TIRE SIZE that determines
3)-locks the wheels on "THAT" axle so they rotate exactly the same/ no differential
5)-No info
6)-3-5 mph-transmission neutral, light pull back on lever, sometimes shifting into reverse works-never force it
7)-YUP, I just unscrew mine
8)-leave dust sheild (underneath) and remove hood spring
10)-totally useless

:rofl::rofl: JIMBO

WranglerX2009 02-19-2010 06:39 AM


Originally Posted by yj-genral (Post 548510)
sounds like you got your answers, and might i add: if your taking your trail rated badges off i would love to have a set, if you wanted to send them my way let me know. :D

Oddly enough, I only have 1. My passenger side didn't have one when I bought the Jeep. But, if you pm me your mailing info, I'll gladly mail it to to once I remove it.

WranglerX2009 02-19-2010 06:42 AM

Thank you to everyone. I appreciate how everyone tries to help each other out on these forums.

Grizzly 02-19-2010 11:57 PM

Thats because the antena mounts on the P side where the badge is on the D side....

canoeman 02-20-2010 07:10 AM

Good questions. I noticed some hood flutter yesterday on the highway. I will see if mine is covered under that TSB.

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