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jwells36 02-17-2010 03:31 PM

Question about driving on Padre Island
ok i am planning a trip to the coast this summer and i was thinking about staying in Corpus and towing the jeep down there just to have it to run around in. If i am looking at the map right corpus is only about 25 miles from Rockport and only a few miles from crossing over to Padre where we could drive on the beach, am i correct or would there be a better place to stay where we could do a little of everything? I am just looking to tool around on the beach a little bit not make the whole 40 mile trek to the end and back.



BestopTeam@Bestop 02-17-2010 04:08 PM

I did this once - I stayed with my folks in Rockport (they travel around in one of those huge RVs) and drove their car on the beach. It was great. You need to buy a sticker to drive on the beach, but I think it was just a couple bucks. I really liked the working-class atmosphere of the bars and restaurants. Most beach areas are so yuppified! I need to go back.

I realize this does not answer your question - but I was just a tourist myself about 4 years ago, so heck if I know. Someone who lives there will answer.

jwells36 02-17-2010 05:40 PM

Thanks geoff, i have read that some people hit the beach in cars so i did not figure the Heep would have any problems just cruising around. We have stayed in rockport the last three years and love it. We dont have kids, and are both teachers, so rockport is nice for us since it is not really kid friendly. I was thinking about staying in rockport again but was not sure how long the drive would be to hit the beach in the jeep. Do you remember?


whitebuffalo 02-17-2010 05:54 PM

go to port aransas if you want to play on the beach, people watch, etc. you need a sticker to park in some areas, but any street legal vehicle can drive on it. sometimes, theres tons of people to pull out (for beer payment) other times, its better than the roads.

if you're looking to play in 4wd, go to the national seashore. there is a 4wd only beach a few miles down. it varies also. i've made it all the way to the mansfield jetties in a few hours, and ive seen it take 9 hours. if you're going down the 4wd beach, dont go alone, and make sure your junk is in tip top shape. theres only one tow company that comes down there and its $$$, not to mention theres only one way in and out. it costs a few bucks to get in there since its a national park.

from rockport to port aransas is about 30 minutes, more if its a weekend and the ferry has a line. port aransas is a really fun little town if you can afford to stay there. i usually stay at the courtyard but theres TONS of places there. i prefer it over rockport (IMO)

jwells36 02-18-2010 11:04 AM

I will have to look into Port A, it has been along time since i have stayed there. thanks for the info on the beaches though.


Gone Broke 03-12-2010 03:03 AM

I took the family to port A last summer.. We had a blast driving and relaxing on the beach. There is no fee to drive or park on the beach if you go down a little ways. You can back right up to the water and fish, relax, drink...Whatever.. You can also camp on the beach for free. We drove down the beach around 1am and watched the parties.. Huge bon fires and lots of people having a good time. Also got the opportunity to pull out a minivan that made a wrong turn into the 4x4 beach and got buried.

BestopTeam@Bestop 03-12-2010 11:00 AM

I remember that big concrete shark. I only spent a couple days in that area, but I really liked it. My folks took me to this dive restaurant, decorated in junk, but really good food.

Port Aransas is a nice place. I should go back. One bad thing about Colorado is that you can really start missing the ocean.

whitebuffalo 03-16-2010 10:46 PM


Originally Posted by Geoff@Bestop (Post 569514)
My folks took me to this dive restaurant, decorated in junk, but really good food.

you just described 80% of the restaurants there :rofl:

tbip 03-29-2010 02:25 PM

If you go down to the 4x4 beach give me a heads up, I can go with you or I can give you my number and if you get into touble I can give you a hand. Port A. is great, more touristy but fun. There is a holliday inn on the beach that has a great bar. It is on Padre Island. The last time I went to the National Sea Shore it was 12 bucks.

jwells36 03-31-2010 12:12 PM

that would be great. We still have not decided when we are going it will be after school is out sometime, I will let you know.



JeepPadre 04-14-2011 09:44 AM

Just FYI on some key dates for P.I.N.S. (Padre Island National Seashore), May 14th is National 'Go Topless Day' (a Jeep thing) and Sept. 30th through Oct. 2nd is the famous Sharkathon Tournament!

busemans 04-14-2011 06:31 PM

cool, i didn;t know they had a go topless day here, i thought i t was everyday!!

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