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Pleiner87 02-18-2010 12:22 AM

Adding The Factory Sub...
Hello, This is my first post here, and yes I have searched and found little info on this topic. I'm one of those who want the factory equipment and keeps it that way. To start off I have a '05 TJ base X package, Ive started to upgrade it with the premium dash speakers and a RAZ cd/cass. radio from a '05 Dodge with the infinity gold package. I know I do not have the plug for the sub but my main question is what all is required for the addition of the sub? Ive heard of a resistor that plugs in somewhere inline. I know it would be easier to put in an aftermarket headunit and throw in some subs... but I dont need that, just alittle more bass. I am not new to wiring especially in a jeep, but does anyone have any ideas on just what is involved and what wires are used? Thanks, Todd

s3nt3nc3d 02-18-2010 08:10 AM

Sorry I can't be of more help since I've never done it (mine came factory with a sub)...but what you're wanting is called a "line out converter" and it'll attach to one of (or both?) of your speaker wires...for the rear speakers.

Then you'll need a small sub to fit the factory console and a small amp wired in...and you'll hook the amp up to the line out converter in order to get the signal.'

The only thing that sucks about going about it with this method is that if you fade away from your rear speakers, it'll fade away from your sub too I believe. Plus you won't have any high/low pass options. But for the general listener, it'll work just fine...that's how it's wired up from the factory too.

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