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PecosRiver 02-21-2010 10:44 PM

Unconventional Wheeling
Started wheeling in the 70’s in Chicago. As you may know, there’s not much in the way of trails in the city, but if you are a bit creative and sneaky, wheeling could be had back then.

Over the years as a garbageman in Chicago, I learned that unusual trails do exist. Railroads were one of my favorite venues, even though they were technically private property. Most, if not all tracks have a service road running alongside them and using a bit of ingenuity they were fairly accessible to my F-250. I could go from Chicago to Joliet and seldom tough pavement. Wouldn’t try this now, after 9/11 railroads are watched more closely than they were back in the 70’s and 80’s.

Another place to kill some time for me was City of Chicago park district service roads and yards. While the roads were short, the poor condition made them fun to play on when wet. The service yards were usually left open during the day and gravel and sand piles were always left with tire and pumpkin marks after I left.

Another place was a friend’s family’s quarry. That was fun stuff. Driving down the ramps was a bit hairy at times, but once at the bottom there was gravel and sand and big freaking puddles. The quarry is now a reservoir used for sewer overflow during large storms.

The last place that I’d be able to wheel were the landfills. I had keys to two of them and permission to access them for shooting. We could wheel and shoot rats all we wanted.

Times have changed. While I still run the RR service roads here in NM, I also know the rail cops well enough for them to look the other way. The Chicago places that I drove are long locked up tight. Terrorism and thievery are prime concerns of the property owners, but I had a ball wheeling in the city.

Any good places you used to play?

BestopTeam@Bestop 02-21-2010 10:50 PM

Interesting post!

I had the exact opposite experience. I grew up in rural Oregon in the early 80's. Logging roads are built with tax dollars (roadbuilding is actually the single biggest thing the Forest Service does!), and there are thousands of miles of them. Once the logging is done, there's no maintenance at all, so it's easy to find a fun place to drive.

yjkid95 02-21-2010 10:59 PM

Oh im still making the memories being young but i have to say. Live in New York were theres plenty of forests mountains and what not deffinetly help me create these wheelin memories with my first car....The Jeep.

BeepBeepImaJeep 02-21-2010 11:03 PM

Last time i posted about this i got in trouble :) lol but anywho I'm north of dallas, and about here its suburbs, almost nowhere to go LEGALLY. but I've found some bends.... theres a old road that turns from cement to dirt after you start to leave the city, it gose inbetween two farms. It gets and stays muddy alot, so i will drive the road legally and stay on it and obey the 50MPH speed limit... lol idk whys its that high its dirt. but i mean we've never gotten introuble for driving down the road and back and down again... as if we were just lost and driving through. theres a sign "Drive at your own risk" lol

Theres also a new man made pond, and theres all the trail / two rut paths the workers made when it was being built and we will follow those and back away from everything there are some small easy wooded trails, and some mudd puddles, even a small like dump/ rocker storage place. so yeah.

we know its not the best places, but there no where else, and I;m 100% sure they would understand, i would just clamly explain i was there to tear anything up, just to off road some, and i would leave, that i didnt know i wasnt allowed there, i was apoligize, i sure the people wouldnt give a Sh!*. honestly i mean im a kid, i could be doing WAY worse things

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