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gungadin 02-22-2010 04:12 PM

idling/acceleration problems.
Hi all I'm new here so go easy on me! So if you read my intro you know I got Karl as a gift and its a great gift but he has a few issues. The main one is that when cold he's hard to start. It'll take at least two attempt to get him fired up and when I do I need to keep on the accelerator to keep him going. He's fine for the most part once warmed up but the odd time when shifting in higher gears he,ll stall likes he's not getting any fuel or maybe too much. Its not a constant problem just happens every now in then. I've given him all the basi tune up thing including a fuel filter so its not that or air filter spark plugs etc. Its a carter carb and I read how to clean it here or somewhere. Did that too. Nothing has really made any difference. I'm told its prob the fuel pump or a dirty tank? Do you guys agree? Cos that my next mission. I have the haynes manual so I'm learning everyday lol. Just wondering what else I can check. Thanks for reading this. I'll try keep my post shorter. In future lol.

Bignuke 02-22-2010 04:24 PM

It could be the pump... Have you checked the battery and the starter?

gungadin 02-22-2010 04:39 PM

Yeah it has a new battery and I haven't checked the starter. But when i turn the key i need to keep tapping the gas pedal to get him to fire? I'll add that to the list though! But that wouldn't affect it while driving right? Jut feels like its not getting enough gas at times or else its choking itself with gas.

scott howard 02-22-2010 08:32 PM

If you have a 4.2 you need to do a nutter bypass and set the timing to 8 degrees and set the metering rods on the carter to the closed position and make sure the choke is working right or just change it to a manual choke.
all the above can be done for less then 15 dollars.

gungadin 02-24-2010 07:14 PM

Hey thanks for that scott. I've read some of your posts on the nutter bypass. I was wondering if its a must do on thhe 4.2? I'm not questioning its effectiveness. More my ability to do it! like is anything else I do a bit of a waste of time without doing the bypass? Really want to get it running right and if it has to be done i'l just have to grow a pair and do iit! Also do you think replacing the cat con would help? I have a feeling its blocked as mileage is horrible also. Thanks for your help.

Bignuke 02-24-2010 07:48 PM

Yeah check cat con.. check your intake too, not sure if you checked that yet... Friend had a problem with his mustang gt and he had the same problems, said it was an intake problem...

lawdawg 02-25-2010 07:26 PM

Go with MC2100 carb and eliminate all your carb problems. Also what others have said: nutter bypass and do the Team Rush. With the team rush mod I found through trail & error that .55 gap on Autolite plugs was right on the money. The team rush is a great & inexpensive mod and will help with your starting and idling problems. Good luck

tlrrob1000 02-25-2010 10:35 PM

When we bought our 90 with 4.2 we also had all these problems. Started going through everything ie; tune up, carb rebuild, fuel filter, numerous carb adjustments guess what I found.... nylon coating on the timing chain sprockets came off. Way too much slack! Changed the timing chain and gears and Hello issues are gone. I also actually found that someone also had bumped the distributor one tooth in order to get it to time. It never made tapping or slapping sounds. Only found it because I had an oil leak on the front cover. Only had 112,000 miles on it. How many miles do you have?
HAve not done the nutter yet and unfortunatly Can't change over to the 2100 due to Cali emissions. Runs GReat now so not worried about it for now.

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