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klariska 12-17-2006 01:39 PM

explorer opens two pages at once once
im trying to fix a problem which is, whenever i click internet explorer two pages open at is ok but another is a blank page with microsoft internet explorer written at the top and it keeps pushing to the front all the time.. im running internet explorer 7 with xp sp2..any ideas would be very much appreciated..thankyou

Vector6 12-17-2006 02:01 PM

welcome to Windows..

where do you want to go today ?

amerijeep 12-17-2006 02:57 PM

I'm closing this thread. This is a spam tactic. In a short period of time, another poster will come in here with a link that is 'supposed' to behold all the answers.

It's a ploy of spammers to make it look like conversation.

I'm not deleting so that the spam posse can be aware and recognize it.

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