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Pro Comp YJ 03-05-2010 07:56 PM

A/c compressor into an air compressor
Can anyone tell me how to convert my a/c compressor into an air compressor? Ive tried researching it but cannot find anything about it. Thanks guys

Pro Comp YJ 03-05-2010 08:31 PM

YouTube - O'Neill Outside Year One Cool Tool Tips Jeep Wrangler OBA

1kooljeep 03-05-2010 09:06 PM

Do you already have ac in your Jeep? What part do you have questions on? I have done this to my Jeep with a compressor from the local pick and pull. I think total cost was about 150 after the compressor, tank, air lines, pressure switch, filters, and all the other little things you need to obtain. But what ever questions you get feel free to ask me.

Pro Comp YJ 03-06-2010 12:26 AM

its actually for my brothers TJ, yes he has A/C already. i guess what we were thinkin is that we cud drain the A/C compressor and jus hook lines up to it and use it as an air compressor! were totally lost here so any feedback will be great. im guessing we gotta get a regular air compressor and throw the a/c compressor out huh?

Pro Comp TJ 03-06-2010 02:19 AM

help me please!

1kooljeep 03-06-2010 09:12 AM

Don't toss your ac compressor it will pump air faster than any 12 volt compressor. Here is a diagram of how to do it, I used 3/8 Polyethylene Tubing instead of rubber air lines its cheap and easier to work withLINK. I held the connected all the tubing using instant fittings like THIS and for the oiler I picked up a air tool oiler. You can skip a tank but they help. I hope this did!

Pro Comp YJ 03-07-2010 07:37 AM

yes, you helped alot. thanks. next step is to put all the pieces together...

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