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wishingmyjeepworkedright 03-11-2010 04:37 PM

Phantom Starting in P and N turn signal also
I have an 89 wrangler laredo 4.2 with all options. A/c p/s tilt cig lighter 5 gauge cluster. I just had a new engine and tranny put in. I had the neutral saftey switch double checked on the tranny and the ignition replaced and the phantom starting is NOW in my turn signals as well as P and N (starter is engaged) but not in any drive or reverse gear. I have checked the relays I could find and they are o.k.. I bought a book but it is worthless and I cannot find anything showing where the starter relays and ignition relays are located. Any help on that or has anyone else had this gremlin?

brent in az 03-11-2010 05:43 PM

You have an open circuit somewhere it seems. Or, a wire not grounded that needs to be grounded. I'm thinking beyond relays to a glitch in the bundled wiring under dash, or if you luck out, the headlight harness which is easiest to trace.

This was the case for me with phantom brake lights/rear turn signals. Poor grounding on the undercarriage of factory wires.

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