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kg4kpg 12-21-2006 12:45 PM

YJ drop pitman arm
A guy bought a lift kit for his YJ and isn't using the pitman arm. Will this item work on the TJ steering box?

mrbigjeep 12-21-2006 12:50 PM

i don't think you need a drop pitman arm.

i might be misunderstanding your post though

kg4kpg 12-21-2006 12:55 PM


Originally Posted by bigjeep (Post 39830)
i don't think you need a drop pitman arm.

i might be misunderstanding your post though

Sorry, guess it was a little vague. He doesn't need the part and is giving it away. I don't turn away free jeep stuff it I might use it in the future. :D I had a 4" DPA on my last TJ with 3" of lift. Didn't really need it but someone gave me that one too. Jeep drove smooth even thought I couldn't say if it made a difference or not.

mrbigjeep 12-21-2006 12:57 PM

gotcha. i don't think drop pitman arms are needed if your setup right. especially if your just on a BB. or even if you are with a bigger lift.

but free is free so take it just in case :D

Jerry Bransford 12-21-2006 08:37 PM

Be careful to ONLY install a dropped Pitman arm on a TJ when you have modified the steering geometry in such a way it becomes required. Like if you also installed a dropped upper trackbar mount, you then need a dropped Pitman arm. Without a dropped upper trackbar mount, you should not install a dropped Pitman arm unless you have a sky-high lift like over 6".

Installing a dropped Pitman arm on a TJ when it wasn't required will cause bump steer. What's funny is I've driven a few Jeeps that had moderate-to-severe bump steer and the owners didn't even know they had bump steer. They thought the bump steer they lived with (they didn't know their steering problem had a name) was just part of owning a lifted Jeep.

Bump steer, by the way, is when the front suspension cycles up and down, the steering and steering wheel is forced left and right. Hit a big dip or bump in the road and the steering wheel can be suddenly twisted right out of your hands. Hence the term "bump steer". :)

4Jeepn 12-21-2006 09:41 PM

throw it in your trail box and keep it you never know when you or somebody might need it...

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