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Tom Prichard 03-15-2010 09:44 PM

4 Wheel High Question
I have just purchased a 93 Jeep Wrangler and took it out 4 wheeling for the first time yesterday. I put the jeep in 4 wheel low and it did great in the mud. However, when I was finished I proceeded to put the jeep back in to two wheel high, but the 4 wheel drive light doesn't go out. The lever seems to be in the correct position, I can pull it back to what seems 4 wheel high and put the jeep in gear and it will move. I can put it in neutral and it of course want move. The thing is I can't tell that it drives any different in what appears to be 4 wheel high than what appears to be 2 wheel high. The shifter will not move any more forward than where it is. I am perplexed. :confused:

AzTJ 03-15-2010 09:50 PM

Sticky light switch. When putting it back into 2WD, bang the lever down a bit to see if it will turn off. Also, you should be able to tell pretty easily by the seat of your pants on which gear your in.

brent in az 03-15-2010 10:07 PM

Having had the last couple days off to go 4WDing in the desert to rivers and streams with happy dogs...I will second AzTJ's assertion that "you will know the diff."

It's sticky and jolty in 4WD 'cause it has to be.

The difference should be apparent when you pop it into 4HI. The difference should be appararent when you pop back into 2 HI.

I'd also agree with sticky sensor (cheap fix)...but if you can tell no difference maybe your t/c does not work? What I mean by that is you cannot engage it. This is not uncommon. I've had a 4WD shifter notch strip out so it could not engage the rod. This is a cheap fix also.

I shift from 2Hi to 4Hi ALWAYS with 1) vehicle stopped 2) stickshift in N 3)clutch depressed 4) straight downward motion approx 4 inches.

I'd vote sticky sensor but that you can't tell the diff in 4Hi and 2hi is a telling fact also. Like 4Hi isn't or ever was engaged?

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