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mjs352 03-20-2010 06:22 PM

350 Conversion Power Steering Help!!!
Hi everybody!
I have a 91 YJ that i have already done the Chevy 350 conversion to and it runs great, the only problem is i cant seem to figure out how to mount the power steering pump due to the steering shaft being in the way. it is an old style carbuerated 350 with a saginaw style pump. has anybody had this issue or know a good way to get around it?

this problem has been plaguing me for a couple years now :banghead:


brent in az 03-20-2010 11:44 PM

Saginaw usually refers to the ps gearbox where the driveshaft mates on top and pittman arm meets on bottom.

You are talking about the pulley/belt driven ps pump on top, right?

I'm unsure what you are saying.

If you mean the gearbox I have a ton of advice.

If you mean the ps pump on the top where the fluid goes and the belt drives it...then there has to be a bracket on the 350. Has to be there. If not there should be a natural place for this.

But if you mean the saginaw gearbox w/ where shaft mates on top and pittman mates on any lift/spring shop. They will tell you how common this is. They will tell you a hundred dollar bill should cover the new fabbed welded mounts and secure the box. With the 350 there is no designated spot on a YJ per se. Or any 8 conversion.

In other words I don't think there is a designated spot on a Chrysler frame for a Chebby 350 gearbox. It can be invented cheap to frame or shimmed. Only disclaimer to this, I was told, is some "harder" 4-wheeling is beyond the guarantee of of the fabbers...

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