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DANIMAL 03-21-2010 03:32 PM

Front winch bumper
I have some ideas for a new front bumper for my TJ. I do not have a winch yet, but want to leave room for one. Can anyone give me some dimensions of winches so that I can design a bumper leaving enough room for one?

Thanks, Dan

derekshep 03-21-2010 03:44 PM

what winch?

DANIMAL 03-21-2010 06:12 PM

Whatever winch you have.

I am not sure which winch I will get. Most likely a low $$ one. I just want to get some general dimensions so that I know how much room to leave for a winch. In my mind, my new bumper will have uprights to each side of the winch and there will be tubing or ? above it (it will be similar to the grill guard that I built and have mounted to my stock bumper)

Check out my Jeep profile, my attached pics are not working right now.

Thanks for any and all input on this.


Bobthegod 03-23-2010 03:05 PM

Your going to make a nice sturdy strong bumper and then put a cheap winch on it? If you're going to all the trouble to built it, it shoukld be worthy of a RELIABLE winch. Get a WARN and never have to worry about it breaking. You can go to and get the sizes. Or and get the dimensions of a winch plate.

Good Luck and don't be cheap you will regret it.

snwchris 03-24-2010 09:36 AM

Most winches have the same mounting pattern, you should be able to go to MFGers website and get a PDF or JPG of the dims needed.


vze2372e 03-24-2010 10:06 AM

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Actually I take exception to the comment that a lower dollar winch is going to cause you to regret the purpose. I am the owner of one of those chinese pieces of crap - and it does the job as designed.

I did not have 1400.00 for a Warn, nor do I need it's capability. I expect to use my winch 1-2x a year tops as a recreational offroader; you may use yours weekly, I do not know.

However considering for 400.00 I got a 12.5k pound winch with remote, 90' of cable, and nearly identical specs to a Warn I did okay. I have done some practice pulls and it is smooth and powerful. A buddy has one - he has for 2 years now - it has never let him down.

I wish I had the cash for a Warn, don't get me wrong, but considering how many times I have to utilize it I couldn't justify the money, especially considering my friends (and now mine) experience with his.

Like I said, our usage may be different - it's whats best for your individual situation.

As for dimensions, the mounting hole pattern is a standard. The exterior of the model winch you buy will vary. For an idea, here are my specs - your looking at around 100 lbs on your nose, and have at least a 640CCA battery

Overall Dimensions: 21.3" L x 6.3" W x 8.6" H (552 x 160 x 218 mm)
Mounting Bolt Pattern: 10.00" +/- 0.015" x 4.50" +/- 0.010" (254mm x 114.3mm)

Hope that helps you -

DANIMAL 03-24-2010 06:37 PM

Thanks for the info. It will definately help me figure out how much room to leave.

Seeing as most of the guys I wheel with (and I only went twice last year) have winches, I will most likely not get one right away. I just wanted to leave room for one on my new bumper.

I am however leaning toward the ones by Rugged Ridge (8,500# for $299 and a 10,500# for $399)

I would love to get a Warn, but the price is way too much for me and my use of it. Problem is, I may never use it.

Bobthegod 03-24-2010 08:06 PM

Hey vze2372e Okay I take back the comment. However you said yourself you would like a Warn. But kudos to you, you got a winch (What brand is it again?) and you're happy with it. Actually that's all that matters. I agree with occasional use a budget winch will work out. Some of the diehards here will settle for nothing but the best, but then again they need it where they go. And, they save a lot of other people too. I must say your setup looks real nice too. What else have you done?

vze2372e 03-25-2010 10:50 AM

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Bob - yea it wasn't intended as a slap by any means lol - just stating some points is all. And thanks for the nice comment :punk:

I stripped the stickers off of it, I can't take a company called "Tuff Stuff" seriously - why did I purchase it?

1. very similiar in specs to a warn
2. 6.65hp serial wound motor - one of the strongest I found
3. the load at different cable lengths was inline with my expectations
4. 90' of cable and EVERYTHING included including winch cover

Now your right - I would have loved a WARN even if I never used it - I like quality stuff, but frankly, considering I would rarely use it, I went for a less expensive winch that I felt was up to the task.

I read about it quite a bit before the purchase. They claim to be an Australian Company but really, I'm betting it's Chinese. I asked about a dozen people who bought one over a year ago on eBay their thoughts and all seemed pleased. These were owners, not sellers.

The thing arrived as promised, is solid, has a smooth clutch, and just looks and feels like a quality unit. I played out the cable to lightly lubricate it, and reeling it back onto the drum, it pulled fast and hard. My friend has had one for a while now, and it's worked out well for him.

The ONLY thing I'm not keen on is the fact the control box does not look waterproof - some silicone and "fire and ice" solved that issue - if it ever was one. It is vented on the underside.

For the record - if your winch holes are accurate, installation is a snap - took me a half hour

1. install fairlead and feed cable/hook through it
2. drop the motor/transmission/drum assembly into the winch mount
3. secure to winch mount with 4 bolts
4. attach control box to cable drum bracket (snaps in)
5. run black cable to negative post on battery
6. run red cable to positive post on battery


So don't sweat it ;)

vze2372e 03-25-2010 10:54 AM

And Bob, I appreciate the apology - none needed :)

vze2372e 03-25-2010 11:02 AM

Oh yea what else ... hmmmm ... my girlfriend would answer "too much! take me to dinner!!"

Mopar front rock bumper with crush cans, integral winch mount and outboard foglamps
Mopar rear rock bumper with D rings
Mopar rear tire carrier for 35"+ tires (I'm digging the zerk fitting on it)
12.5 K Tuff Stuff Winch w Remote and 90' 3/8 steel cable and cover
2x 130watt KC Daylighters, hoop mounted
Mopar "Black" rims - not sure of the spec, it was upfitted at the Dealership for the larger Mud tires
Relocated door mirrors to A pillar
Viper 5001 Alarm with Ultrasonic Intrusion Detection
Pioneer Head Unit
Extra battery and Isolator

Those are the big points I guess ... I find myself wandering Quadratech but there is nothing to buy :(

I guess I'll wait and toss a 3.5 inch lift and larger tires later this Summer

It's a fine balance - I may enjoy the Jeep more than her

hcarlgolden 09-05-2011 02:13 PM

Now I have a front hitch on mine. My wench sits in a cradle that mounts to the hitch. Now with this set up I can use my winch front or rear. Hitch receiver front and rear with power to both means I just got more options for it's use.

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