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sbenson76 03-22-2010 01:59 PM

Treverton, PA - video of jeep stuck in mud....
Hi! I'm a producer with a caught-on-camera series that airs on TruTv called, "Most Daring."

We are doing a story on the below video link. I'm trying to locate the guys involved in the incident. Specifically, I'm looking for the driver and maybe some of the other guys that were videotaping. I am already in contact with the guy who shot the camera angle you see. He doesn't know any of the other people at the incident, but he knows they are from New York.

YouTube - How "NOT" to pull a truck out of the mud (FULL CLIP)

If anyone here recognizes these guys and can give me any info on them, that would be greatly appreciated.

Please EMAIL me at:

Thank you for any help in advance!


Shaun Benson
Nash Entertainment
1438 N. Gower St.
Hollywood, CA 90028
(323)468-4673 (office)
(323)468-4740 (fax)

IndyJeepMan 03-22-2010 03:12 PM

That sucks. Although I feel it wouldnt be that "exciting" that people would like to see it on national TV. But i guess its because were used to it as jeepers ;)

Maybe the prius owners would be like " my god honey, look at the black smoke. Shits terrible!"

Kreepy Krawler 03-22-2010 03:34 PM

Really? I guess no one ever told these guys how to recover a vehicle. :banghead:

OSUJEEPER 03-22-2010 03:40 PM


Originally Posted by Kreepy Krawler (Post 578575)
Really? I guess no one ever told these guys how to recover a vehicle. :banghead:

ya, just yank on it till it comes out. The harder the better.:9lame:

MOz 03-22-2010 03:43 PM

What was you name again and what production company are you with?

sbenson76 03-22-2010 04:27 PM

I work for Nash Entertainment. The name of the show is "Most Daring" on TruTV.

Shadeemry 01-12-2011 09:28 PM

*snifs* *snifs again*

mmmmm smells like credentials?

ellman605 01-24-2011 01:36 AM

Agreed. But if not...I LOVE THAT SHOW :D

pyro 01-24-2011 04:16 PM

Nice video !

Tarby 01-24-2011 07:52 PM

Uhh..."Most Daring"...I think this should be on "Most Retarded"...hahaha. Hell of a way to kill a XJ....

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