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MaineJeepMike 03-24-2010 10:31 AM

99 Wrangler questions
I got a 99 Wrangler w/ 132K on it. As such it's at that point where up-grades are now actually economical. I have a 4.0 liter 6 w/ 3 spd AT that gets me around 16-18. Obviously the 1st thing I want to do is an exhaust up-grade. My question is this. Is a complete replacement and up-grade called for is a cat-back the better and less expensive way to go ? I'm up here in the boonies of Maine so ease and simplicity of installation is the most important thing I have to consider. I also have to consider the mileage increase that I am looking for as a factor.

And anyone up here, way past Bangor, that has an idea, hey don't be shy if you can show me how. I got a lot of up-grades I want to do. But no support that I can find. Anyone around ?

30-284 03-24-2010 10:38 AM

I don't know what upgrades you are thinking of but if one them includes a long arm lift then don't do the muffler until the lift is finished as the long arms are usually in the way for a stock muffler at least mine was.


InfernoGirl 03-24-2010 10:40 AM

You really won't see much of an improvement in mpgs with an exhaust upgrade. Minimal maybe, but I wouldn't use that as an excuse to spend a bunch of $ on an exhaust.

IslandTJ 03-24-2010 11:13 AM

Do you off road? Usually the general populace starts their upgrade with larger aggressive tires and a lift. The gains from an exhaust upgrade are marginal, you're better off doing a tune-up and fluid exchanges where applicable.

Jma20a 03-24-2010 11:21 AM

after my lift my mpg went down and after a catback exhaust, intake, and tb spacer it has brought me back to stock mpg and hp. the only reason o got an exhaust is i gat an amazing deal on it and the same with the intake. not sure if i would dish out the full price of everything just to get a few mpg's and a little gain in hp.

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