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thaduke2003 03-27-2010 01:24 PM

Write-up for 2-door Olympic A/T rock rails :)
So I just picked up a set of scratch & dent 2-door Olympic A/T rock rails for a bangin' bargain, and just finished slapping them on. Here's how it went:

Tools used:
Deep (or shallow w/extension) & shallow 1/2" sockets
Deep 10mm socket (or shallow w/extension)
Drill (to enlarge 2 pinch seam holes- you'll see which ones- MINIMAL drilling needed- just to open those 2 holes up [1 on either side])

Supplies used:
Painter's (blue) tape
Duplicolor spray-in bedliner ($8.99 at Autozone)
Note: this part is TOTALLY optional. As long as you run the rubber gasket that is included with this kit, you don't NEED the spray-in bedliner. I just wanted to do this for a bit of extra insurance against rust underneath the rails.

Olympic only included 4 (FOUR!) nuts, bolts, and washers. This is what is quoted in their directions as being correct. Not quite...
You need:
16 5/16X1" bolts
16 5/16" flat washers
12 5/16" lock nuts
Grade 8 everything wouldn't be a bad idea :)
Go to the hardware store and pick up the remainder. I'll be waiting...
Ok! Now, let's rock!
(Before starting- these rails are fairly heavy. I'd highly recommend having a buddy, wife, slave, etc. around to help- beer is a good motivator :))

P.S. Assume everything x2. Do one side at a time, then wash, rinse, and repeat on the other.

Step 1:
Burn the Olympic directions. Seriously. I called their tech support, and they said new ones are being worked on. GOOD CALL! :)

Step 2 (optional):
Mock up the rock rails. LOOSELY attach them using the door mounts and put a bolt or 2 through the pinch seam. Push them up all the way.
Now, put painter's tape around the area the rock rails occupy. A little extra space around them isn't a bad thing- the spray-in bedliner does help against rust, chips, etc.
Now remove the rock rails.
Take the sandpaper, and scuff up the paint where you will be adding the bedliner. This is also optional, but will help it to form a sturdier coat.
Now, shake the crap out of the can, and spray away. Do 2 coats to be safe.
Allow an hour or so to dry.
Also- you may want to also do under the 2 door mounts on each side (I did). Tape these off, scuff up, and spray away!

Step 3:
Back to the rails!
First up, remove the 2 bolts (on each side) in the pinch seam. You will be re-using these. They need a 10MM socket
Also, the rock rails are side-specific. The holes start from the front of the rail and go back. They will not line up properly if you're on the wrong side, but check now anyway, and save yourself a headache (or looking like a dumbass in front of your friend!)
Using some sort of tape, loosely tape the included rubber gasket to the inside of the rock rail where it will be meeting the body.
Next, lift the rock rail up to the body. Line up the 2 door mounts with the holes in the rail, and LOOSELY install the bolts (with washers) in these to hold the rail on.
Now, grab your nuts (the ones from the hardware store, ya perv), bolts, and washers. Put a washer on every bolt, and put one through each hole. The bolts and nuts should take a 1/2" socket/wrench. Put the 2 OEM bolts you removed from the pinch seam back in their places. There is 1 hole on each side that will be a bit smaller- this is where you will probably have to bore it out a bit with a drill. Install all nuts/bolts LOOSELY for now.

Go around and do the other side the same way. I'll wait...

Ok! Now, grab your torque wrench. You'll probably need a buddy for this. Set your torque wrench to 20 ft. lbs. Put your 1/2" wrench on the nut behind the seam, and torque the bolt down. Next, torque down the bolts holding down the door mounts. These also are to be set to 20 ft. lbs.

Ok! Now, go do the other side...

Step 4: Grab a beer, step back, and take a look at your sexy new rock rails!

Step 5: Buy me a digicam so I can post pics of mine :)
(Yeah, mine's dead- sorry for no pics! BUT, this is straight-forward enough that you shouldn't need any)

Cheers! Mark W.

thaduke2003 03-27-2010 05:21 PM

P.S.- anyone going the route involving bedliner- remove your doors- less chance of oops that way :) Mark W.

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