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DIYcurran 03-28-2010 03:24 PM

Performance 2.4? Posable??
Ok I have a 93 wrangler with a 2.4

it has 160k on it and had a complete rebuild at 70k. I know im stretching it, especially backed by an AX5....
(Note: just finished a small block 400 for a future upgrade) but I digress...

I want to SQUEEZE! every last bit of power out of that little motor AS POSABLE!!! We've had had a lot of good times together and I think its only appropriate she goes out with a Bang!

When I did the rebuild, i port 'n polished the head and Alum Intake. With a forced air intake and less restricted exhaust, It had a little more Pep

What can I do to get MORE?!?!? PLEASE! tell me anything you have done (or that you know of) to get more Performance out of a 2.4. ANYTHING!!!

Im leaning toward a new radiator, electric fan, electric water pump (if the is one for that motor) and a small turbo, if i can pick one up for a good price.

So jeep buddies, Please.... help a brother out

4Jeepn 03-28-2010 04:06 PM

check out 505 performance..

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