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AKWrangler 03-28-2010 09:44 PM

Leaky Exhaust manifold
well I found the source of my bad mileage! I removed the air intake last week to clean out the throttle body and just happen to look down at my exhaust manifold, Whoa! there was this huge crack going right down the middle. So I get a new manifold, I just bought it at Napa, it's the cheapest place going around here(If you can believe that) I would shop online but it does me no good, even if it's a cheap price by the time I pay for shipping to Alaska, it cost the same. anyway I digress..

so I get the part and I also get a new gasket for the intake manifold, I figure I am going to have to remove it to get to the exhaust, Okay the Gasket is for both the intake and the exhaust?? I thought the exhaust didn't need a gasket? I look at the engine and see that the intake gasket goes around the exhaust, what gives did someone decide it was a good idea to gasket the exhaust? I am confused. :confused:

so I go to take out the exhaust, I start on the first bolt and the thing was barely hand tight! turns out all of the bolts were that way, totally wierd! I get the exhaust out and which turns out to be a pretty easy job, I haven't quite finished yet because I was still totally confused about the gasket:confused:

I figure if it is being advertised as compatible with a 97 2.5 liter it must work, and I have searched high and low on the internet to see if I could come up with an answer but nothing :banghead:

If anybody knows anything about this chime in! it would be much appreciated.

ps I will post a pic of the exhaust tomorrow, you gotta see this poor thing, I am surprised it didn't crumble in my hands LOL.

holes 03-29-2010 10:20 AM

Yes the exhaust and intake share the same gasket (atleast on my 4.0) I'm sure yours is the same way as its an inline 4 cylinder. The gasket will only go on one way. As far as the bolts being finger tight, lucky you. They can be a real pain when trying to get them off. The gasket should only have 4 intake cut outs and 4 exhaust cut outs, if it has 6 of each I would assume you have the 4.0 gasket. Like I said, I own a 4.0. Job is pretty straight forward. It'll be alot quiter once you get her all back together. Good luck

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