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Kevin 04-02-2010 12:19 AM

fabricating a swing out tire carrier for my 98 TJ 3rd day
After sleeping on it I decided to use the original tire carrier from the TJ with some reinforcement. That seems to be the easiest path for me. Removed it from the jeep and put the swing out on the Jeep to see how it would set and how high to weld angle iron wings so the tire carrier could be bolted to it. I Used 1/2" bolts to bolt the tire carrier so it would be removable from the swingout rather than welding.:crash:

Next photo shows the swing out open and the tire carrier bolted, the wings spot welded and the tire mounted.

Next photo as you see is the swing out closed and the tire on.:D The next portion of the project will be to hang a 5 gallon gas can on and make an ice chest carrier. Then check the welding, do plenty of grinding and cleanup work. Miscellaneous work is putting a stop and latch which I have ordered and should be here any day.:wavey:

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