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Hensman 04-02-2010 09:59 PM

Problem with soft top rear window
So today my soft top zipper on my back window died.I went to go take it off and it did the whole come apart on boh sides of the zipper deal and wouldn't move. So I tried to gt the zipper off b bending it and taking it off, but I accidentally broke it off. The zipper part on the top is fine,but it's ruined on the back window. Not to mention that now I only have one zipper instead of the two. So I guess my question is, should I get a new zipper and have an upulstry place put it in or will they even do that or should I get a new back window and somehow find just the metal zipper part and put that on wih the new back window? I have a lj too if that changes anything. Thanks for your help!

burton160w 04-02-2010 10:03 PM

If you can take the soft top off for a few days and live without it, I'd find a local cleaners. I'm not kidding about this or being racist, but try to find one that doesn't have a whole TON of business, are Asian, and willing to help out a nice guy. I say this because the lady by me fixed mine for $15, had it done in three days, and was absolutely as nice as can be.

Hensman 04-02-2010 10:21 PM

Well it's raining right now, but why a cleaners place? Do they do zippers?

InfernoGirl 04-02-2010 10:37 PM

Most Dry cleaning businesses also do alterations. Not sure they all are equipped to handle the weight of the softop fabric, but it may not be a problem for them. If a dry cleaner can't do it, an upholstery shop or boat or awning shop should be able to help you out.

burton160w 04-02-2010 10:40 PM

Yea, I said cleaners since I know the one by me does alterations and has handled my stuff from jackets to suits to soft tops for my Jeep. you might have to check more then one.

Hensman 04-02-2010 11:42 PM

What would they do? Put a new zipper on it?

burton160w 04-02-2010 11:49 PM

Possibly. It depends on how bad the zipper is damaged. They're the experts.

Hensman 04-02-2010 11:53 PM

Yeah, I would need a whole zipper part on the window and one of the metal parts put on. I work right next to a cleaner place, so I will ask tomorrow. Thanks!

InfernoGirl 04-03-2010 09:05 AM

I have seen replacement zippers for sale somewhere, google it and you'll find them. Probably ebay..... Good luck, let us know how it works out, lots of folks have problems eventually.

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