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willysmb 04-03-2010 12:29 PM

SYE/CV driveline angles revisited
Hey all,
Finally got my SYE/CV shaft angle setup nice.Zero vibs up to 75 MPH,no t-case drop or anything.I was having a bit of a mental block that ive overcome and thought I would share for any of you guys still a little confused.First the angle in question is just the relationship between the single rear u-joint and the shaft a few inches foward.Nothng to do with the double cv joint by the t-case.I spun my drivshaft so the rear end output yoke had one of its ears pointing down (6 o-clock) found a socket a litlle bit smaller,and put it between the u-joint cap and angle finder.Read the angle,then just put the angle finder on the shaft just ahead of the rear u-joint at 6 o-clock.My first try put me about a half degree high, with 4 full turns of my RE adjustable upper arms.This was to correct for a 3/4 " transfer case drop I removed.Testing gave me very slight vibs above 60 MPH.Rest the arms to 3 turns whch gave me 1 deg low,which worked out perfect.So for my short wheel base Tj running 4.5" RE suspension,each full turn of the upper CA,s changed the angle by 1.5 degree.This may help someone reduce the trys to get the perfect setup.

AzTJ 04-04-2010 08:59 PM

That's some good info. :cool:

I think I need to get under mine and check it out again. I'm developing a slight vibe, but I think the bushings are shot and need replacing.

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