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zacharykatic 04-05-2010 09:31 PM

Leaking Transmission Fluid...I think
Okay first of all thanks in advance to everyone who helps out.

Secondly, it is a 2001 Jeep Wrangler Automatic Transmission 2.5L 4Cyl.

I was having weird instances where I kept stalling out for no reason. I check my transmission fluid and it was incredibly low. Fill it up and stalling out stops for a decent period of time.

Then I have a serious overheating problem. I change thermostat, water pump, and radiator. No more overheating, but still a weird stalling out problem when at stop lights or stop signs or when I'd first back out of my driveway.

Now the shorter version of this story is that everytime I park after driving, I have fluid underneath my car. I had it looked at when they did other work to it and they said I had a "transmission pan gasket leak". --is this tranny fluid related and why i'm low? and also, how much for parts and how much labor time and does lack of tranny fluid seem like it could be my problem?

thanks a bunch everyone

hope to hear soon

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