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dstnly2000 04-07-2010 01:13 PM

Clutch Problem Urgent
:firedevil:The clutch pedal on my 93 wrangler is sitting on the floor board. I checked the fluid and its fine. I dont know anything about this stuff but I followed the hose coming off the resevoir to the transmission area. I t connects to some piece on the side of the trani but there is a fitting right next to the one that is connected with nothing on it. The empty fitting moves back and forth in and out of the thing. Is something supposed to be connected to this and is this the reason why my clutch isn't working?


Pylonpounder 04-07-2010 02:13 PM

Could be, I'm not sure though. What engine, that changes which transmission. If it's a 2.5 I'll go look at mine. I had a problem like that once while I was home with revmatching to shift, turned it off, pumped the clutch, and it was fine ever after that. Never found out what it was. If it's not that hose and you find tell. Could the linkage just not be hooked up?

bluegrass107 04-07-2010 05:28 PM

On the driver side of the tranny to the front (bell housing area) there is a slave cylinder. It is at the end of the metal line or hose after it goes into the tranny and back out. On the very end of the line after the slave cylinder is a bleeder valve. That is what you would loosen (1/4 in wrench) to release the air in the line. Pump the clutch w/ the bleeder valve open - till fluid comes out strong - then w/ pedal still pushed down tighten bleeder valve as the fluid is still squirting out. My guess is that if that doesn't work then you will find a bad Master cylinder (the part under the hood)

Garyk 04-07-2010 08:08 PM

This might sound stupid but did you check under the dash and see if the rod is still connected to the clutch pedal?

dstnly2000 04-07-2010 10:16 PM

Thank you
Thanks Bluegrass. I will have my neighbor help try the bleeder valve thing tomorrow morning. i called Advanced auto and they were telling me that I would have to replace the slave valve. Hopefully your idea will save me a lot of money.

Thuone 04-08-2010 10:18 AM

I had a similar problem. Before you replace your slave cylinder try fixing the cheap stuff.

* Check to see if the spring is still attached to the pedal. Even if there is no pressure the spring will pull it off the floor board.

* Try bleeding your line.. The "fitting right next to the one that is connected with nothing on it" this is your bleeder line. Get a clear jug (1/2 a 2 liter coke bottle) a clear 1/4" tube about 12" long and a 1/4" wrench to loosen your bleeder screw on the end of the fitting that moves. And finally a few bottles of brake fluid. Once you have all this get a buddy to help ya out.

* Remove the cap from the master clutch cylinder behind your firewall and fill your fluid to the very top.

* Put 3" or 4" of brake fluid in your coke bottle place the bottle under the jeep near your fitting.

* Attach the 1/4" tube to the end of your bleeder screw. Shove it over the end as good as you can.

* Put the other end of the tube in the coke bottle. This prevents air from coming back in the line

* Open the bleeder screw this will only take an 1/8 or so of a turn. Fluid should start coming down your tube.

* With your hand start pumping the clutch (Have your buddy stand over the master cylinder dumping fluid in as it drops. If it gets to low it will suck air adding air to the line.) pedal while watching your line under the jeep. Pumping the clutch should force fluid down the line into the coke bottle. If there was air in the line you will see bubbles, keep pumping until fluid is clean and bubble free.

* Tighten your bleeder screw.

Now you’re done bleeding the line remove your hose fill your master cylinder to the correct level and screw on your cap. Good Luck!

If this does not work I would..

* Buy a new master cylinder from advanced or another parts store costs about 80 bucks. (Hanes manual from advanced will show you how to pull you’re old out and replace it) It was really easy. Then you will bleed your lines again. This is how I fixed mine when people were telling me I had a bad clutch and slave cylinder. Hope I explained it well it took a lot of research for me to figure out the best way to bleed your line.

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