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Green95Wrangler 04-12-2010 08:33 AM

Spent some quality time with the Jeeb this weekend
Spent some over due quality time with my Jeep over the weekend. Drained the Manual Transmission and filled with Penzoil Syncromesh. Drained the Gear Box and filled with Merc-Dex-4. Of course while I was at it I changed the engine oil and filter.
When I got to the Differentials, there was a note in the Manual that noted to use a special addititive IF you have a Limited Slip. There are tags on both Differentials with a bunch of numbers on it but I could not find a reference anywhere on the internet. I did read somewhere a simple test. Hold one wheel while turning the other on the same axle. If the wheel spins freely....then it is not a Limited Slip. If this info is accurate then I do not have Limited Slip. I then Removed the covers to allow the old fluid to drain out and cleaned all of the old permatex off. Apparently there are no gaskets for this as the Manual mentions only using gasket material such as Permatex (I went to the local Automotive store they did not have a listing). I then smeared a thin coat of Red Permatex to both the cover and the housing and torqued the bolts to 35ftlbs. I filled both Differentials using Coastal 80w-90. While I was under there I grabbed a wire brush and addressed some of the surface rust, primed the areas and finished with some Rustoleum Black. Oh and of course, Greased all the fittings
After all of this attention She seems to be very happy for now:). My next job is to change the brake fluid. Is there any reason to be concerned about changing the Clutch Fluid?

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