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empirepball 04-12-2010 04:11 PM

What Is a Quality lift kit!?!
So I am looking around for a good quality lift kit that wonít cost me a lot. I am looking for a 4in long arm suspension lift kit because of the reduced chances of flipping, and better performance that will cost me under or around $2000. I know that I will have to get a slip yoke eliminator, a cv driveshaft, and maybe a steering stabilizer to keep things from breaking and vibrating but I wouldn't mind paying for that. I was looking at the Rough Country 4" Long Arm Suspension Lift but some people say they like it, and some say they hate it, and I heard they ride rough, and donít flex well. So if any one has any lifts that they could suggest that would be awesome. I want to start going offroading this summer. Probably mud, easy trails to start with, and harder moderate trails but nothing hardcore.

Once I get the lift I think I am going with 33in BFG T/A KM2's, and black pro comp series 52 steel wheels. I was looking at the reviews on the web of the tires and most people said that they were very good tires. Perfect in mud, great on the street, deep snow, trails, sand, rocks, and surprisingly quite on the highway. But bad on ice, hard packed snow, and wet conditions.

My jeep is an all stock 97 tj. 4.0L, 5speed manual, sport. This is my daily driver. Some help would be awesome. Also if anyone knows of any fun 4x4 trails in Maryland.

LuvMyTJ 04-12-2010 05:32 PM

I would suggest the Rubicon long arm kit, but it is well over $2000.
Are there any long arm kits for $2000 or less?

I have the Rubicon 4.5 super flex in my '97 and I like it. I can alway upgrade to the long arm if necessary, as they make an upgrade kit for it.

stevens243 04-12-2010 08:13 PM

Flipping what? The jeep?

empirepball 04-19-2010 05:49 PM

Yea, correct me if Iím wrong but doesnít the long arm suspension system give better articulation, more stable ride on and off road, enhanced ride quality and handling, maybe more flex and travel out of your suspension, and I think I read something about torque roll somewhere.

I am thinking about the TeraFlex 4" ENDURO-LCG lift kit.

EdJonesJeeper 04-19-2010 06:16 PM

I've got a fresh RE 3.5" shortarm SuperFlx kit installed. Super High quality and others will tell you its underated and missing small essentials. I had worn out 31's and wore out stock springs and shocks and the 3.5" kit with 33's sat my TJ a total of 8"s higher than before! Big debate I've seen is swinging for the 4.5" Super Flex and taking out the spacers to bring it back down to 3.5". It has the upper front and rear control arms and a track bar that the 3.5 don't have(not sure about the pitman arm.)

I got my kit on sale at around xmas. 25% off free shipping.
RE SuperFlex 3.5"kit $830
Drop Pitman Arm $65
ProComp 5000's $160 for all 4
" " Steering Stab $40
8k xrc8 winch for good measerure
$240 something!
equals its on the road $1095 (not counting winch)

Had the lift on for few months and the need for SYE kit has become very evident.

So Just Empy Every Pocket and Slip Yoke Eliminator kit for $420 and the RE rear upper control arms that the lift didn't come with runnin' me .. +$240.
$660 (not installed)
Dude says he'll help put it on for $100

So Everything out the door for the best bang for the buck I could find (parts only)
$1755 not counting tax and install cost.

I think at the cost I've got it's a better deal that getting the 4.5". I think I'm only missing the front upper's and the track bar but haven't had a need for the track bar.

lancetkenyon 04-20-2010 01:10 PM

Rock Krawler, hands down.

I have had both the Teraflex, and the Rubicon Express. Neither even come close to durability, ride quality, flex, stability, quiet ride, etc.

edmond 04-20-2010 02:14 PM

I have had good luck with both Full Traction and Rubicon Express.. both are great products.

snwchris 04-20-2010 02:23 PM

First my suggestion would be, how much wheeling and type of wheeling do you plan to do. This will help determine the route needed to take. I would say get out and wheel it stock and get to know your Jeep and it's capabilities.

Clatyon, Rock Krawler or Teraflex would be my suggestion.
Another good one people have started running is the kit from TNT Customs.

Most of the LA kits out there are going to cost close to $2k alone.

Check the Maryland state thread for a better idea of trails near your area, depending on where in MD you are.

mrcarcrazy 04-20-2010 02:35 PM

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Originally Posted by snwchris (Post 603297)
Clayton, Rock Krawler or Teraflex would be my suggestion.
Another good one people have started running is the kit from TNT Customs.

+1 - purely based on what I've read online - I read a work bores me, and this doesn't....:D

Elwood 04-20-2010 06:35 PM

Rock Krawler. I have the 4" long arm and it is simply amazing. You can't beat the quality and the ride and flex is excellent!

yburn 04-20-2010 08:01 PM

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i got a rubicon 5.5 long love it it flexs great ride is unbeliveable for a jeep with 37's under it

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