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willysmb 04-13-2010 05:40 PM

Installed superior c-clip eliminator,ABS issues
HI all,
Installed my super 35 c-clip eliminator Yesterday to give me piece of mind running my 35,s on dana 35 rear.I noticed after pulling the first axle that the new axles arent equiped with the speed sensor gear.I though maybe I have the wrong kit,but a call to Superior told me they dont make axles with the gear for ABS.So I installed the kit and pulled the sensor pots out of the brake and ziptied them to the e-brake cable.Now my ABs light comes on,but more important,I feel I might not have rear brakes anymore.How do I bypass the ABS to get full pressure rear brakes,and how do I put out the ABS light? Actaully a little annoyed at Superior for not adding this little fact to there c-clip kit desciption.ANy ideas?

4Jeepn 04-13-2010 05:53 PM

I don't think there is a way to work around this, unless you can come up with something to add to the new axle shaft off the old one.. I will guess its a tone ring of some sort?

Jerry Bransford 04-13-2010 06:08 PM

Disabling the ABS has zero effect on normal braking, it won't cause any of your brakes to stop working. I had to disable my ABS when replacing my Dana 35c with a Dana 44 axle years ago when the TJ's Dana 44 axle didn't support ABS. That speed sensor "gear" is, by the way, called the tone ring. The ABS sensor sits next to the tone ring and generates electrical pulses so the ABS system knows when a wheel has stopped turning (locked up).

I would simply pull the two ABS relays inside the power distribution center on top of the passenger-side fender well. If the ABS light goes off, you're done. If the ABS light doesn't go off, and it does not with newer TJs, then I think you also need to either pull the ABS fuse or remove the ABS light from the instrument cluster. I got lucky with my '97 TJ, pulling the two ABS relays took care of disabling the ABS and the ABS light never went on again.

Once again, disabling your ABS will not change how your brakes work at all. All that will happen is the brakes will not be pulsed (released rapidly) by the ABS system during a brake lockup.

willysmb 04-13-2010 07:26 PM

Thanks guys,Ive been back and forth between the Jeep and talking to Mack( a tech over at Superior).Jacked the Jeep up put her in gear to spin the wheels,and tried the brakes=both rears stopped.Currently i have both the ABS relay,and the ABS fuse in the glovebox out to stop the light.But now Ill try Jerrys combo,and pull both relays to see if it works,mines also a 97.What sucks about the glovebox ABS fuse is its also the rear backup lights and rear defroster.Jerry,Mack over at Superior told me the tone ring can be removed from the c-clip axle and installed on the new Superior axle,but its a little late now :mad: Superior is sending me the o-rings that were missing from the kit,and a new tapered bearing set if I decide to install the tone rings,so they stand behind there product.Thanks again Jerry and 4jeepn for the quick replies,this Forums great !

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