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jconway 04-15-2010 12:06 AM

Water leak behind engine block
re my 02 wrangler x, 6-cyl, 5-speed: i've got a water leak coming from somewhere behind the engine block, sort of on the passenger side. The engine does not run hot, and the oil is pure (no froth, evidence of water.) The water seems to be leaking just between engine and firewall but I can't see a leaking hose. any idea what's back there? AND could it be related to why the heater seems to run cold at idle speed, but warms up when revved or driving?

JeepersdoitDeeper 04-15-2010 12:16 AM

I was thinking freeze plug until you mentioned the heater issue, which pushes me more to think heater core. Some models have a seep hole at the lower part of the firewall on the pass side to drain off.

If it's not the heater core, you're possibly leaking from the freeze plug on the back of the head, which is sort of a bitch, but is repairable.

Requires dropping the skid, unbolting the drive shaft, and lowering the rear of the drivetrain down as far as it will go, then squeezing up in there to replace the plug.

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