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desert4wd 01-02-2007 07:59 PM

Custom Rear Driveshaft advice requested
Hi All,
My desire here is to raise my T-case back up and replace the stock skid with a TT. I'm considering a rear only 1350 CV style (double cardon) shaft from "High Angle Driveline". I don't need "high-angle" so much as I just need the double-cardon. I've got some ideas about what I need to do, but would like some re-assurance before I go ahead with the purchase and self-install. (Hopefully I'm not to old to learn something new)

To line-up the differential/pinion angle so it is ~in-line with the new drive shaft, that will require new adjustable control arms or shims, correct? (what brand do you recommend?) Will ALL the control arms need to be replaced? I can't say I've studied the shim method at all and can't ask an educated question about them. Is that an acceptable way to alter the pinion angle? Is the "rear output flange" the same thing as the "mass vibration dampener"? Would it be advisable to replace the front drive shaft? With?? (I've actually neglected to think about the front shaft till now- duh...) The Jeep is a '05 Rubicon Unlimited.Transfer case is a NVG 241 OR with the flange and no slip-yoke. Hope my questions make sense as I'm just learning about this stuff. Any other advice on this will be appreciated. Thank you.

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