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GMiller 04-23-2010 12:11 PM

Cranks but no spark. Help!
I need to give the history on this so be patient.
89 YJ, 6 cyl, new Howell FI kit. The Jeep lives at 8000 ft so the FI kit was a no brainer, it had a problem stalling and not re-firing on occasion. Sometimes an hour later it would start or a week later, sometimes right away. No pattern at all.
OK so the FI kit was to fix all the Carter BBD issues and while it was down I figured I could fix the intermittent start issue too. I checked around and the most likely thing was a crank position sensor except no sensor on this model.
I changed the ignition module when I did the FI and all was well. Ran great started no problem. I needed to check the timing, pulled it into the garage and hooked up the timing light - no start, turns over fine. Checked the voltage into the coil w/key on, 7v, cranking 12.7v just like it should be but nothing from the coil. Changed the coil, still nothing. Changed the pickup sensor, cap and rotor, still nothing. Well actually a very weak spark from the coil but nothing from the plug wires. Found a blog that said the resistor wire to the coil could be bad but I tried jumping straight from the battery to the coil and still nothing, that and the correct voltage to the coil made that seem unlikely. I had 4 buddies who are pretty sharp come by and they all said it should start.
I can't keep throwing parts at it cause there's nothing left to change! HELP!

GMiller 04-25-2010 03:23 PM

OK I swapped back to the original ignition module and it runs.

carlyj 04-26-2010 09:19 PM

i just got rid of my ign module and put in a HEI. works all the time.

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