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eg6hatch 04-25-2010 06:34 PM

Buying a new jeep 4 door, NEED HELP!!!!
I am going to be trading my 09 civic si on a new jeep. I have a few questions.
1. I know i do not want a sahara because i dont wnat to pay the extra for painted fenders considering i like the black ones. So I am between a unlimited four door x with power windows and locks or a Jeep rubicon 4 door. I have read a little bit about the differences but cannot decide if it is worth the extra for a rubicon. I know i will taking it off road, but i doubt any serious trails, just here and there, more for road driving.
2. Should i buy hard top or soft top. I want a soft top, but all my friends tell me i will want to own a hard top for the winter... any suggestions? buy a hard top and then a soft top for it later, or jsut buy a soft top?
3. The most important though, i ahve always drove a manual, and i think a jeep should be a manual, but I have had a few people tell me for my four door jeep i would want a auto? Also i have heard that with the new jeeps alot of people have been having their clutch go out with in 10,000-15,000 miles and chrysler not covering it. I have looked all over the internet for this problem but have seen nothing. Any problems with this? I will be commuting mainly and off roading here and there, any suggestions on whether auto or manual?

Also what are a average price range to try to leave the dealership with a fourdoor unlimited x and a rubicon, anyone mind telling me what they payed?

thanks alot guys for helping a noob, i will be asking soon about a lift and wheels and tires.

jk'n 04-25-2010 06:50 PM

I just posted in another thread and answered just about all of your questions. Mind you this is just one opinion but there is a lot of info in my post relevant to your questions. Others will chime in with opposing viewpoints but remember, it is up to what you are looking for in YOUR jeep. Also, I have made MANY posts on this subject so you might want to review my post history. Good luck on your choices and welcome to the forum. :wavey:


Originally Posted by jk'n (Post 608065)
I had the 08 Sahara Unlimited (4 door) for almost a year and and now the Rubicon Unlimited. The Sahara had a slightly better ride I attribute to the heavy duty suspension on the Rubicon. I actually prefer the ride of the Rubicon over the Sahara. It juggles my bones a little more but I consider that part of the fun of the ride. I commute 15 miles per day and put a lot of miles on playing the "soccer dad" for my son who runs Xcountry in the fall, skis slalom competitively in winter and plays lacrosse all as a freshman in high school and all of that requires a lot of travelling to see him compete. Since August of 08 when I took delivery, I have put 30,000 miles on it. All of them fun miles. Long trips, short trips, comfortable to drive. I also enjoy the standard transmission...I think it adds to the fun of driving it.

I just came back from Cape Cod after a week of bicycle riding and other activities all over the cape. As I was leaving the cape a new group was arriving at the camp-ground with about 30 bicycles. As I was passing buy my jeep became the topic of discussion about how cool it was. I'm always getting comments from people about what a cool vehicle it is.

The Rubicon is especially useful off the pavement. I don't do a lot of off road compared to on road as this is my daily driver but when it is off road I drive with confidence that I won't get stuck. As it gets older, I'll probably take it off road more. I am planning on doing mods that will improve it's off road capabilities. Some items on the short list are bumpers with tow points and winch, armor, and maybe a small lift.

I don't have young children but chose the 4 door for its stability, cargo carrying capacity and most importantly because of its towing capacity of 3500 lbs which I use to the max. I have a covered 8X10 utility trailer which is loaded with my camping gear and I go kayaking, biking, scuba diving and do a lot of other activities in the summer. In winter, driving to various skiing venues, in all kinds of winter conditions, the jeep performed admirably. One day in icy conditions, cars and trucks were off of the road in all directions but the jeep held the road (going slow of course). I can't say enough about the feeling of driving it except you can probably see a glimpse of the happiness in my smile as I drive it.

Get the jeep and don't look back. I haven't looked back at all, just forward to the next good time to be experienced in the great outdoors.

BTW, welcome to the forum. :wavey:

I have both tops. The jeep came with the hard top but included the purchase of the soft top in the closing costs of the jeep. I currently am running with the soft top since the beginning of April and will put the hard top back on in late September or early October for the winter. I love both tops but others will chime in with opposing views on this too. I don't want to have to worry about snow accumulation in the winter and with the hard top, no worries.

chef1231 04-25-2010 06:51 PM

OK let's see if I can help you out. Sounds to me like you should just stick with the Sport (x) model. If you are not planning on really going crazy off road then you will never really get your money out of the Rubicon. If you are planning on both tops then make sure you get the dual tops. If you buy them from parts they are crazy $$$. You should be able to get both in the package for about $1,600 Soft top alone from parts will be about 1300 and the hard top is going to be well over 2k. Automatic would be my choice but that is really up to you. Stick is going to be a bit harder to resell or trade in, you still can do it but I find most customers don't want a stick. You should be able to find a nice unlimited sport for about msrp 30k. I sell these Jeeps for sticker -rebates so don't plan on getting a large amount off. Dealers will deal on them depending where you go and what you are buying. With the Jeep Wrangler you get the savings when you trade it in or sell it. They are a monster for trade and outright sale.

jk'n 04-25-2010 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by chef1231 (Post 608090)
If you are planning on both tops then make sure you get the dual tops. If you buy them from parts they are crazy $$$. You should be able to get both in the package for about $1,600 Soft top alone from parts will be about 1300 and the hard top is going to be well over 2k.

I am a little confused by the prices in this post. When I bought in 08 the price of a soft top by itself is about $1600.00 and the price of a hard top by itself is about $2400.00. I don't think that the prices have changed all that much since then. The price differential between the two tops is about $800.00. So, if you get the soft top and want to swap it out for a hard top expect to pay $800.00 extra. If you get one with a hard top and want to swap it out for a soft top at the dealer, expect $800.00 back on the purchase price. If you buy a hard topped jeep and want the soft top added in the sale expect to pay about $1600.00 and likewise if you purchase a jeep with a soft top and want the hard top added in the sale expect to pay an additional $2400.00. Do the math, you won't be able to get the dealer to give you something for nothing. They may throw something in if they are able to depending on whatever games they may be playing with price from their supplier but to be sure, they are going to make a profit on whatever the end price is.

chef1231 04-25-2010 09:37 PM

You are right a soft top is going to be somewhere around 1,300 go 1,500 depending on dealer and etc... The hard top is going to be every bit of 2,400 so what I'm saying is if you even think you might like to have both then just buy a new Wrangler that already comes with both. You will pay much less this way.

GEM1N1 04-25-2010 10:08 PM

Do yourself a favor. Get a 2 door Rubicon automatic. Nuff said. :bottom:

Kate 04-25-2010 10:10 PM

Well, my two cents on this is simply that if you're planning to go off road, buy the Rubi.

Even though you THINK you're only going to go out for a Sunday drive here and there, every now and then... it's a disease. It grows and becomes an addiction.

Before you know it, you're doing mods, lift, tires and so on. Eventually you'll be thinking to yourself, "MAN! I wish I'd bought a Rubi, then I'd have the 4.11 transfer case and D44s and I wouldn't have to spend all ths money to upgrade.

Oh, one other thing... get the power disconnect for the front anti sway bar. It's sweet! With just the flock of a switch, you'r disconnected. You don't have to crawl under a dirty Jeep in the dark to hook it back up either.

eg6hatch 04-25-2010 11:07 PM

thanks guys i appreciate all of the help....
i still am a little curious about the auto and 6 speed thing. I agree with the auto being easier to sell later, but does anyone know how much better gas mailage will be out of a 6 spd, and also if there are any known issues with either of them?

CapptainObvious 04-26-2010 08:40 AM

I bought my 2010 Sport Unlimited in feb for just over $28k. It has the S package (power doors/windows, tinted windows, A/C, etc), automatic transmission, tow package, soft top, and came with a free year of Sirius.

I was going back and forth on whether to get manual or auto (I've been driving a stick for the past 7 years and loved it), but my girlfriend and lot of my friends can't drive stick, so if I ever need them to drive it, they can't. Also, I drive about 75 miles round trip each day, and a lot of it is in traffic, so a stick was annoying sometimes in my old car. Another thing that made me go with auto was the comfort of the clutch. There was no dead pedal/place to rest my left foot when I test drove. I had to put my foot under the clutch pedal, which was neither comfortable nor safe. If I'm going to spend 28k on a car, I'm for damn sure going to be comfortable in it.

As for the top, a hard top would be really nice in the winter, and it is harder to break into, but for me it was a matter of space. I don't have anywhere I can keep that big thing during the summer. I mean, that thing is pretty big. Also, the soft top doesn't make all that much noise.

The way I got my jeep for less than MSRP was by shopping around. Go to different dealers in your area and see how low you can get them. Then, take that price to another dealer and see if they can go any lower. Don't be afraid to walk out of the dealer. They'll give you the same price next week most likely, and they may even call you back the next day to offer you the price you want. The only thing is that it's getting to become "wrangler season" where everyone wants to be able to take the top down, so they are still selling at MSRP or even over. It takes time to get the price you want, but it's worth it.

guygettnby 04-26-2010 11:26 AM


Originally Posted by eg6hatch (Post 608341)
thanks guys i appreciate all of the help....
i still am a little curious about the auto and 6 speed thing. I agree with the auto being easier to sell later, but does anyone know how much better gas mailage will be out of a 6 spd, and also if there are any known issues with either of them?

i traded my 2007 civic si in on a 4dr sahara auto... i dont miss the stick, but maybe you should go drive a 2dr and 4dr before you decide on wich to get. i seriously doubt gas milleage will be much different between the stick and auto on the 4dr. if you want it to be abit quicker, alittle better gas milleage and abit more fun then i say go with the 2dr. the civic si and the unlimited jk are WAYYY different. gas millage is also shall i say... terrible compared to the civic. i am glad i went with the sahara because i do most of the driving on the road. i liked all the options with the sahara and prefered to have the fully loaded version with nav and such. i do however regret spending the extra money on the upgraded infinity system wich after awhile really ended up sucking compared to the civic si sound system. so save your money there if you liked the civic system and buy after market. now as far as tops... i got both the soft and hard top. that is something i would deffilently pay for again if i had too. i love having both the tops and find it too be a very nice option to switch back and fourth depending on weather and such. so i say buy them both.

i guess my point here is make sure this is the vehicle for you. i was always a car/speed freak. i love my jk to death, but now i am looking into buying yet another toy to fullfil my need for speed and be able to go thru the twisties. if you decide to buy either version of the JK it is deffilently different and fun in different ways then the civic. but say good by to the pick up and go power.

guygettnby 04-26-2010 11:28 AM

oh yea, i spent close to $35k for mine after all said and done when it is paid off. i got pretty much every option possible besides a few of the rubicon options.

eg6hatch 04-26-2010 10:32 PM

yeah, i def agree that this will be a huge difference from my civic. I love my civic, and i love the punch i get from it, but i am ready for something for off road use. I also own a sport bike so that should get me my speed fills when i need them. I think i am going to go with the unlimited x s package prob with hard top and soft top and auto. I really appreciate all the advice guys and i think tom is the big day, so please feel free to keep them coming.

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