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baja 04-26-2010 04:16 PM

pinion seals
Replaced front pinion seal today.Went to Chrysler dealer,and they didn't even have any info on a dana 30 axle.How do you service anything with this front axle I asked?Never had to I was told.Oh boy.Went to a friend who I've worked for in the past who happens to own a napa store.After much micin and searching we found a seal for it and all good there job done now.Drove her around,checked and dry as a popcorn fart.Good.No howls or noticeable drone so musta got lucky with crush sleeve.That ultra black goop-n-pucky is some good stuff,47 degrees and it still set up in less than an hour.Torqued cover and nice and dry.My gear set looked new at 92 grand.Am aiming to nail rear tommorrow.After all tools put away,I tried to fire her up to test and she wouldn't start at all.No fuel to rail.Thought about relay,had a new one in glove box,put it in and she started up.One damn thing after another-but I will die before I ever get rid of Timex.Have been writing all this stuff down for grandson,have a feeling I'll have a novel before I am done for him to read!I don't care tho,I love him and I want him to have all g-pa's tricks at hand,lord knows the dealer won't know.Jeeps are the shee-it I tell ya,but the owner with crud under his finger nails is priceless.:flipoff::rofl::flipoff::rofl::flipoff:: wavey:

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