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mitchae86 04-26-2010 05:01 PM

Sound bar help
I have a 97 wrangler and I have a sound bar with after market pioneer radio..So my problem started when my overhead light broke in sound bar so I decided to cut the wires and just remove it.(bad idea) So of course my sound bar stopped working ok so there was a black wire and white wire so i just connected te black to black and white to white should be fixed huh?? Umm no. Now my sound bat will only play when I hit a bump then cuts out..I checked EVERY wire from sound bat to head unit..If there was a loose connection I would think it woul become know when i touched the wire..not the case..Coming out of the sound bar are the black and white wire which go to a plug just outside sound bar that plug connect to a bunch of wire misc colors..the red that comes out of that plug is just laying by my clutch..However i dont know where that red goes or if it is important..I just dont know what to do from here and could really use some help..sorry so long just want to give all info

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