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RoBear 04-30-2010 02:20 PM

Strange Request from Former Jeep Owner/Enthusiast
>>Reposted from Newbie forum by member request<<

Hi Guys,

It looks like you have a fantastic forum here. I am a former Jeep owner, and seeing a place like this makes me miss my '95 YJ all the more.

On to my strange request. As I mentioned, I am a former Jeep owner. I had a 1995 White YJ Rio Grande, and it was my baby; slightly lifted, rarely clean and a veteran of two Camp Jeeps and countless trail rides and adventures. More importantly, it was the car I had when I met my wife. Our first date was in the Jeep, we drove it home 26 hours from Chicago after we graduated school, and I sold it to buy her engagement ring.

We have been married for several years and now live in Houston. For our anniversary this year, I am really hoping to rent a Wrangler and take it down to Galveston for the day (something we used to do on a regular basis). Unfortunately, I have checked every major car rental company and several local retailers, and no one carries Wranglers in their fleet in Houston.

STRANGE REQUEST: Is there someone here who would let me "rent" their Jeep May 28th and 29th. I would be willing to pay better than what I would pay at a rental company and I would pay up front. We can do whatever is necessary to make you feel comfortable (contract, background check, etc.) and I would treat your jeep just like it was my own.

Depending on your location in Houston, I would be putting about 100-200 miles on it, and we would only be doing light offroading (driving on the beach). And I promise there will be no PDA happening in the jeep ... I already reserved a really nice hotel.

I know it's a long shot, but you guys are my last hope to make this happen.


Benjy 03-10-2013 05:34 PM

Rob - did you find a Jeep? I know it's a few years later, but I'm curious how you made out. The wife thinks it's a cute story. She wants me to find a 99 F-150 just like I used to have when we were dating.

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