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canoeman 04-30-2010 11:11 PM

So Jeep says they can't help me anymore
I bought an 08 Wrangler and it had a roof leak in the back. So let me start with, day 3 of me owning this used 08 had water in the back. Brought it back to the dealer and they will work it. Got a call and said we have to keep it cause we are going to replace all the gaskets. Fine do whatever. My service plan pays for a car and no deductible. Long story short, 17 days in the shop in less than 2 months, finally they replaced the roof, the whole roof with a 2010. No more roof leak, but I still have water coming in the doors. Bring it back and they say they can't work on that until they take my roof off and put an 08 back on. Seems the Regional idiot wants the old roof back on. Umm, the problem is with the doors, not the roof anymore. Called Jeep and filed and complaint with them. They called me today to say that it is out of their hands once a regional person gets involved. They have the last say on way happens. Sorry, but you are wrong, if you don't work on my Jeep with the new roof on you are in breach or contract and will be in court. You will lose also. Can you believe the BS they are trying to get away with. More to follow next week after I get a call from the Jeep owner and contact the Consumer Protect agency in my state.

jk'n 05-01-2010 12:03 AM

It is less than three years old and 36000 miles? If is is less, then the original warranty still applies and they must fix it. It should be stated in the warranty in the owner's manual or separate document, I can't remember which but I know it is in print.

blaster199 05-01-2010 01:47 AM

Breach of K should be easy to prove because of tbe unequal bargaining power inherent in the K. It is a take it or leave it style document and you should have no problem unless they videoed the signing which they sometimes do but the consumer has no way of knowing it.

daggo66 05-01-2010 10:13 AM

You need to continue working with your regional office and your service manager. Threatening court action if you want to get something done without taking them to court is not a wise move. Once you say you are taking them to court, they have no choice but to stop talking with you and let their lawyers deal with you. This is a standard corporate procedure. They know that at that point anything they say can and will be used against them so the lawyers need to handle it.

Make sure that the service manager and the regional office are in communication and that the regional office fully understands why there is a 2010 top on your vehicle.

Take a calm and logical approach and you can get this taken care of. Threatening a law suit will get you no where unless you are actually prepared to go through with it. At that point nothing will get repaired on your Jeep until the end of the court process.

jk'n 05-01-2010 02:25 PM

daggo66 has said it well and I would agree with him.

A process I always try to follow in these situations is describe the problem. Check the work order to see if the description of the problem agrees with what you said. When I pick up the vehicle I always check that what the service writer has said is reflected accurately in writing on the service paperwork that I get a copy of. If something is left out I ask them to write it in if they don't want to produce a new invoice. My last resort is to write it myself on the invoice and ask them if this accurately reflects what they said.

During the part were the problem is being taken care of you are generating facts that may be used in a law suite but one must never say that is what is intended if it can be avoided. Most dealerships know that eventually they will get to that point if the customer is not satisfied anyway and saying it only rubs lemon in a paper cut.

It is hard to stay calm in a situation where you are not getting what you want. I've been there a few times with my jeep. I try never to show that I am rattled. Most recently it happened when I had an oil change and the the service writer tried to explain to me that the dip stick indicating half way in the safe zone means my jeep was fully safe on oil. The resolution on that one was when the service manager went in and troubleshot the situation, he found I was being charged for 5 quarts of oil on the invoice and the technician made a mistake as it should be 6 quarts, he apologized and immediately corrected the problem topping my oil off. All of this information may be used when my engine gives up the ghost but right now I just document document document.

Nice job daggo ;)

daggo66 05-01-2010 10:27 PM

Thanks jk'n. I've only had one issue so far. My passenger seat stopped flipping forward and sliding for rear seat entry when you push back the lever. My dealer sent me a free oil change coupon, so I waited wanting to kill 2 birds with one stone.

After a little while the service adviser came and wanted to speak with me. He told me that the seats on the new Jeeps don't move forward. The first thing that went through my mind was BS. Instead I calmly told him that wasn't right because mine certainly used to. He was steadfast that they did tilt and slide forward.

I asked if he could do me a favor and show me on one of the new ones. We went to the showroom floor and he opened the passenger door. I reached in, pushed back the lever and the seat tilted and slid forward. He made no comment other than to ask me to follow him. We walked out to the service bay and he grabbed a young tech and told him to follow us as we went back to the showroom floor.

The service adviser opened the passenger door, pushed the lever and the seat tilted and slid forward. He looked at the tech and said, "Now find out what is wrong with his." The service adviser apologized profusely as we walked back to the waiting area. They ended up having to order a new cable and now my seat is as good as new.

Getting angry may feel better at the moment, but remaining calm will get you better results.

canoeman 05-03-2010 07:36 AM

I hear ya. It is the Regional guys fault to begin with. He was suppose to come out for a look and never showed. The dealer said they had no choice but to change the roof because they had the Jeep for too long. I'll wait to hear what the owner says and maybe I can get this through to him that the roof has nothing to do with the doors. I still will follow up with the AG's office to see what they say.

chef1231 05-03-2010 11:02 PM

Just take it to another dealership before you get crazy. If you in the factory 3/36 you should be fine. Just take it to a dealer that will fix it right. You might have lazy techs at yours or they just dont want to mess with you anymore.

mud707 05-04-2010 12:31 PM

That's basically what they did to me on my TJ. They missed diagnosed the main problem witch I told them what was wrong in the first place, then had to replace my block cause of it. Then they reused the bad head on the new block so that engine started makeing noise 3 months later. When I took it in and wanted them to fix it under warranty which I was originally told if I had anymore problems they would. They said there was dirt in my air box (which was only oil and dust from over oiling my K&N air filter b/4 the engine was replaced) and the regional con guy wouldn't cover it. I tried getting a lawyer involved but he said my chances were slim of getting it fixed. So I took it to a different dealer and traded it in on my JK without telling them of my previous problems.

canoeman 05-13-2010 06:18 PM

So here is my update. I ended up speaking with the owner and told him everything I have been told to date. I also told him I opened a case with Jeep and was told that once a Regional person gets involved they have the final word. He told me that he knows both the engineer and the regional person and would speak to them and get back to me. Well I got a call from the owner today and was told that the rear part of my roof, (2010) was going to stay on no matter what but the 2 fronts, well they ordered brand new pieces and once they come in the regional person will come out to work on the issue. Bottom line I was told is that one or both of the front pieces will be replaced and the rear will remain on the Jeep. So I'm more than happy to hear that, and sometime next week I should be getting a call to drop it off and let them work it until no more water leaks. I did say, you did tell them that the roof no longer leaks, it is now the doors that the water is coming in on. He said yes, but would mention that again. Let's help this is the last time I have a water issue. Maybe more to follow.

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