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JeepDog2 05-03-2010 01:46 AM

Re-Installing the Hinges
Hey, I just got all of my hinges (window, side and rear door) back from the powdercoating shop and am looking forward to getting my rig back together. I am wondering if I should be putting some sort of sealant in between the hinge and the bare metal surface of the Jeep body??? When I took the hinges off there seemed to be something of a sealant/gasket there and it would make sense to deter corrosion as water will inevitable get in there. questions are:

1. Do I need to use some sort of sealant in between the hinges and body?
2. What sort of product should I use (ie; seam sealer, silicone, etc....??)
3. Is there any secret (or just good tips) for getting these hinges all lined up properly? I am concerned that if they are not perfect and I have used a gasket type product then I will not be able to tweak them later and may affect the doors and windows sealing properly.....

Thanks for any wisdom you can pass on to me!

JeepDog2 05-03-2010 06:58 PM

Does anyone have any advice???

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