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sevenservices 05-06-2010 10:27 PM

94 YJ Reinforced Bumper Stowage
ok, so Im heading from mid-MI to Wisconsin in a month and were taking the Jeep. Up through the U.P. of Michigan and over to northern WI. I wanted roof or bumper stowage and chose the bumper. Now, I had a couple issues with 1) the bumper weight. It sucked, I pulled a light load and bent the darned thing last fall, not a tow package, just a bumper receiver and not worth a crap for anything heavy. So, I welded a piece of steel between the bumper receiver and the frame to prevent it from pushing up with some weight. Once done, I jumped on it and bounced the jeep a bunch without even a slight chance of it going anywhere. Mind you, I won't be pullin' 2,000 pounds but a cooler, gas can and some luggage would be great back there. Welds don't look the best but it had good penetration...

My issue number 2) was it rocking side to side, not very stable. So I drilled a couple holes in the back of the jeep and secured a couple steel eye hooks with huge washers on the inside and lock washers on the outside. Will help for a canoe on the roof as well at a later date... Heres a pic of those...

With the straps and the extra support, this thing is quite solid now. :D

Heres a couple pics of 'er all done out in the road. Can't wait to hit the road with all this extra space! I picked up the rack for $99 at TSC (others without the side rails were $59) and the black locking chest was normally $99 on sale for $79. I put a couple bungees on it for now but I want to drill a couple holes and use some U bolts to attach it to the frame. I also want to hook up a third brakelight and relocate the license plate somewhere.

Ready to take on the road! Happy the wife wants to take the jeep, this will be a fun cruise. :cool: Id rather not park it at a hotel and Im working on convincing my 13 year old son to help me talk his mom into bringing a tent and scheduling a campsite half way through the upper pennisula. As far as getting it on and off, I can pull the pin, undo the straps and slide 'er out...

sevenservices 05-07-2010 01:21 PM

OMG Talk about muddy... wooooo weeeee!

I went home for lunch down through the 1 mile mud pit of a road that we live on, the whole frame is covered top to bottom! Like stalagtites of mud everywhere...

Glad we got the black box for road trips, anything back there would be trashed.

30-284 05-07-2010 06:28 PM

If you get much pressure on that eye bolt from the straps, you might run a bracket from one of the roll bar mounting bolts to the eye bolt so it can't pull thru.


sevenservices 05-10-2010 09:54 PM


Originally Posted by 30-284 (Post 618839)
If you get much pressure on that eye bolt from the straps, you might run a bracket from one of the roll bar mounting bolts to the eye bolt so it can't pull thru.


good idea, I looked on the inside, it would be very feasible to anchor 'em to the roll bar mounts.

Nice thinkin' :)

sevenservices 06-07-2010 10:20 AM

got back from WI yesterday, over 20 hours in the jeep this past weekend. The stowage was a life saver, let me tell ya... helped a ton for a family of four to really enjoy the road trip in the jeep.

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