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bayareamark 05-10-2010 09:30 PM

stuck in 4 wheel drive
alright we jacked up the jeep and checked it out... only the back end spins but the engine revs like its in 4 wheel and the front wheels skip while turning... any ideas.. already checked all vacuum and linkages everything seems to be working fine. thank you

s3nt3nc3d 05-10-2010 10:37 PM

If only the rear wheels turn...I don't think you're stuck in 4wd. Do you have a locker in the front end that might be damaged? Also could be control arm bushings, ball joints, or something along those lines.

My old truck...a 2wd Dodge Dakota...had worn out balljoints and a loose control arm. It felt like I was driving a 4wd on dry pavement while making tight turns and skipped while turning. Replaced the balljoints and tightened up the control arm and voila...problem gone!

bayareamark 05-10-2010 11:16 PM

pcv (ccv) valve maybe? :banghead:

rketr 05-10-2010 11:37 PM

Is a good question, do you have a locker up front? Front end chirping while turning is typically due to having a front locker engaged.

bayareamark 05-10-2010 11:41 PM

no lockers I have a stock vehicle.. not the pcv valve just pulled it. and the ball joint seem to be ok. linkage is good all vacuum lines were checked on the transfer case and axles. Linkage on the tc are good..

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