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upinar 01-06-2007 07:32 PM

rough country 4" lift?
im looking into the 4" rough country serious 2 kit and was wondering if the transfer drop kit it comes with will be enough to prevent vibration. Also, will i need longer brake lines? and finally, will i be able 2 keep my 2 inch coil spacers with the transfer drop kit. I dont do much offroading so keep that in mind. thanks

04moneypit 01-06-2007 09:40 PM

I run the series 2 and the t-case drop did not stop my vibes, it ended up a lot taller than 4" somewhere in the 5-5.5 range until I put all my body armor and bumpers on. Then it settled to about 4.5, but I have a soft top too. Yes you'll need longer brake lines, and unless you go sye and cv shaft, there's no way you'll be able to keep your spacers with just the t case drop.

mrbigjeep 01-06-2007 10:15 PM

no way in the world you'll be able to keep the spacers with just a t case drop. and you'd be lucky to get away with a just a t case drop even without the spacers. and why would you wanna run them anyway? that would be 6 inches of lift on short arms. bad ride and major tire pick (even just on sharp road turns).

upinar 01-07-2007 11:41 PM

i got it, ill probly put it in this week if it arrives on time

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