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Sledge 05-17-2010 12:23 AM

Engine Replacement Advice/Suggestions?
I wanted to get some suggestions/advice/info for replacing an Engine in a Wrangler. I have a 90 YJ, 4.2L, 6Cyl. I've called Advanced Auto Parts about getting a replacement engine, and I'll be renting an engine lift, to drop it in along with two friends who are helping. I'm sort of limited on my info here so here it goes:

I'm looking to replace it, at the advice of a mechanic, instead of rebuilding since it would be about the same price. By dropping it in myself I'd save a couple hundred bucks, plus get to know about my Jeep more. Its been having blow by through the Carb (I believer its a Webber Carb, been on there before I bought it), shudders, oil leaking, replaced the head gasket once. Just terrible shape, but it starts and runs on the dryest of days with a ton of starter fluid.

I was told by a family member to get a fuel injected engine as itd allow me to get rid of the Carb and any issues it has (the butterfly valves stick, and of course there is the blow by) but I wasn't sure what I'd have to do to put an FI engine on it since its now a Carb Engine. I'm assuming the Fuel pump would come off, but is there anything else that would be taken off or that I'd need to add on?

Also any suggestions in general about embarking on this project? Any tips/suggestions that would help?

pokey 05-17-2010 06:46 PM

I'm not a mechanic but a friend converted his carbureted YJ to fuel injected so I know it can be done. And the carburetors sooner or later will give you trouble. Try to find a factory technical service manual for the '90 wrangler. Wish I could offer more but the fuel injected is the way to go. Good luck

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