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nmdriver 05-17-2010 04:43 PM

Front Wheel Bearing Q
Hi, My 01 TJ is making a funny noise and I believe the front wheel bearings are on their way out. I haven't jacked up the front end yet and checked for play but I am wanting to replace it anyway :p

Can you guys help me out with the p/n's? I am wanting to go with timken. I believe there is an inner and outer?

Also, has somebody done a how-to? I found this for a dana 30:

Dana 30 Wheel Bearing

Does that about sum it up? i am looking to do it this weekend. I run 33" tires on my factory axle with a 3" BL and I bought the axle used since it was geared and got a good deal. Come to find out it is slightly bent so maybe that explains the bad bearings?


Jerry Bransford 05-17-2010 05:09 PM

Here's a TJ specific set of instructions from Stu's famous all-TJ how-to website.

While this covers more than just replacing the unit-bearing hub, this shows what you need to do... D-30 Axle Shaft Removal

If the unit bearing hub is stuck, do this... Unit Bearing - 1

Check out the entire index of how-tos at Site Index

It's a truly amazingly helpful website for TJ owners.

computeruser 05-18-2010 08:31 PM

While you're in there, might as well swap in some new axle shaft u-joints, too...

Frat36 07-12-2010 05:56 PM

I went to get an inspection today and they wouldn't pass me because they said my front left wheel bearing hub was shot and needed to be replaced. I was looking around and it looks like the part will cost me around $100 each. The guy doing to inspection said it was going to cost me $320. Based on the great links here and another one I found ( Dana 30 Wheel Bearing )it looks like it wouldn't be too bad to replace myself.

My question is: am I better off replacing both the left and right at the same time or is it okay to do just one for now?

adkjoe 07-12-2010 06:51 PM

I just did my front drivers side. Replaced it with a napa for $80. Very easy install. Remove caliper, rotor, pull out cotter pin on axle nut and use a 36mm socket on the nut. Tokk me nothing more than a couple whacks of a small hammer to free the bearing from the shaft then slid on the new hub and bolted it back together.

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