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04rubiconwrangler 05-18-2010 10:51 AM

Manifold cracked?
Okay, I'm convinced I have a crack in my exhaust manifold. When I fire up the Wrangler TJ, cold, it clicks. When I press the gas, the clicking gets quicker. After the engine has heated up, the clicking stops.

Of course, this started a few months ago and now the clicking noise is getting louder (read: more annoying). I cannot find a crack or hole in the manifold on a visual inspection, but I'm positive this is the problem. My question: before I take the leap and buy a new manifold, does anyone have any other suggestions? Does this sound like a manifold problem, or has anyone had a similar experience?

Thanks guys.

alsyj 05-18-2010 11:10 AM

You may be correct, but before I go replacing anything I would find the leak, it could be just a gasket or even just a loose bolt. You don't want to buy and replace parts that are not needed.

greene91 05-18-2010 11:12 AM

I dont know about a "clicking" noise, but I had a crack in my manifold, and it makes your engine sound rough like a diesel engine or something. I am actually in the process of replacing my exhaust manifold, but I am having problems now that I replaced it. (see the thread "Please Help, replaced Exhaust Manifold")

04rubiconwrangler 05-18-2010 11:35 AM

I'd hate to spend the money on a manifold and have the problem not resolved. I'm trying to locate the leak but the Rubicon manifold has two round protectors where the manifold tubes join together. On my last Wrangler (97), a crack occurred where the Manifold tubes joined together, but my 04 Wrangler has large round protectors that make it impossible to see any crack underneath. Extremely frustrating. Thinks for the advice.

Greene91: Sorry for your difficulty. It's possible you may have a problem with your new manifold if you have installed successfully more than once?

zerokoo149 05-19-2010 01:39 AM

Had the same problem when I bought mine. It was just 2 loose bolts. Tightened them up, and I was good to go.

rrich 05-19-2010 11:54 AM

Don't just guess - verify it!

A quick way to locate the leak --
You need a bright pencil beam flashlight, some WD-40 or equiv and a helper.

When it's cold you say it leaks the most. Do it cold.

Dark night or a dark shop - have your helper shoot some of the WD-40 in the intake while running - it'll make it smoke.
The smoke will come out the leak hole. Your flashlight's pencil beam will illuminate the smoke, making it easy to trace it back.

It could be the donut between the header and head pipe or something else.
I even found one where the bung for the O2 sensor wasn't welded on correctly.

Chrysler still hasn't learned to weld properly!

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