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chefsuffy 05-21-2010 10:41 PM

Clunk sound in Rear!!!!!! Need Help!!!!
i have a 2006 Jeep TJ, with about 39,000 miles, I noticed a clunking sound in the passenger side rear, When I push on the rear tire and shake the vehicle I can reproduce the sound...... Any Help on what it could be....

burton160w 05-22-2010 12:38 AM

Does it sound like this?

YouTube - VID 00002-20100309-1551.3GP

If so, you've snapped your rear axle. You're looking at about a $1000 swap :eek:

Just kidding, it's a blown shock and it's really not all that uncommon. The fix is the cost of two new rear shocks, and about an hour of your time with some common shop tools. Do it yourself, it's easy, it's fun, and the most helpful WF member besides Jerry did a beautiful How To which you can find here!

make sure to PB Blast at least 15 mins in advance if not more and feel free to ask me any questions you have.

cru9 05-22-2010 07:26 AM

It also could be your rear axle. These axles are clipped and sometimes they get some wear and will pop.

canadianwizard 05-22-2010 10:45 AM

Anouther thing that it could be is the rear link for your sway bar...

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