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Agent Orange 10-02-2005 12:27 AM

Bikini Top Options
The weather is starting to cool down here in Arizona where the air conditioning isn't needed all day. So I have been removing my soft top in the mornings. I would like to get a bikini type of top to give me a little shade and keep some of the pods falling out of the tree next to my driveway out of my 2005 TJ. Looking at some of the Jeep parts catalogs, I only see tops that need a header channel screwed on that has to be removed each time you put the full top back on. Is there bikini that will latch onto the windshield similar to the full soft top? I know that would be a little more expensive with a latch, but it would be worth it. Or a channel that doesn't interfere with the stock soft top and is installed once and left on.

jeeptales 10-03-2005 06:00 PM

Go Mopar!
I have sold a lot of Jeeps wiht the Mopar tops and everyone loves theirs.

I have one on my Jeep and run with it all the time and I like mine just fine.

tex 10-04-2005 12:32 AM

They make a no screw header at Bestop. I have one for my Safari top. It attaches with 2 bolts where the hard top latches on the windshield.

andy_n 10-04-2005 01:49 AM

for an Aussie made product you can try She is actually a South American lady and has developed a few different designs from plain bikinis to fast back designs.

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